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WeasleX avatar 2:01 AM on 08.26.2013  (server time)

RIP PC GAMING! Waitaminute!?!

Yep, you heard it here first, PC Gaming is dead. It's no more, it's pusing up roses, now someone should start telling that to PC gamers, because, apparently we didn't get the memo. I say we, because I'm a PC gamer and like all of us, I didn't get the memo either. Apparently, PC sales are in a slow steady decline, and apparently everyone is supposed to be lumped into said number and conform to this.

Now, since I work in retail, I meet a lot of people, and some of these people think I'm an idiot for still clinging to my PC. One customer in particular thought me odd to still own a PC at all. The fact is that, yes, PC sales are in decline, and yes most people are switching to a tablet or smart phone for there computer needs, which happen to be used for checking emails, paying bills, using social networks such as Twitter, ect. For those, a mobile platform is more suited than a hulk of a beast that is a PC, which really can't be dragged everywhere.

With that said there is one thing that a mobile platform doesn't have which a PC does, which is that a PC is much more powerful. This limits what can be developed for a mobile platform. You still can't play a rousing game of ME 3 on a smart phone, but there's not much need to. The reason is because many PC gamers that exist tend to be on the hardcore side of gaming, though there are still a lot of casual gamers in the PC market today.


Well, it offers quite a bit actually. Games that happen to be particularly higher end quality require a higher end set of equipment, of which many hard core PC gamers tend to have. We also like to brag about our equipment too... though we may be trying to over compin... err... never mind. The point is, with all this raw power, we can out pace, out shine, out run a console any day, month or year, 24/7 365. Did I mention that we've got more power than a console?

Raw power alone doesn't mean we're the greater giant of the gaming community, for that we need to have games too. For such, PC gaming also has more distribution via the internet in the form of Steam, Gog, Desura and yes... (sigh) even origin. Which, oddly enough, wasn't in full swing until a few years ago. Steam alone has often been heralded as ushering forth a 'Golden Age' for PC gaming. With this powerful combo, one being more power in a PC, and the other with a large access to games at lower than normal prices, it equals the opposite for what the PC market is doing. Which is, instead of a decline, the gaming market is actually growing, by some figures, as high as 8% in 2013.


The truth hurts, since console gaming right now is in decline and PC gaming is on the rise. Though this may just be a fluke until the industry starts releasing it's 'next gen' consoles, which, as I'm writing this, is pretty soon. Though, I tend to be optimistic, since E3 seemed to have a PC release along with a console release for many gaming titles. A few things worry me, such as the lack of a release or mention of release for Bungies Destiny. Still, with Wild Star, or Titan's Fall being slated for release to PC, I tend to think that PC gaming is still well in it's golden age.

In conclusion, is PC gaming dead? Well, if it is, then maybe someone should tell us, maybe those same people who tell us that we should be extinct should drop the controller, pick up a keyboard and play Half Life or Civ 5. Maybe, just maybe, PC gaming isn't dead, dying or even near life support, maybe, PC gaming is kicking a$$ and taking names.

This is WeasleX and that's just my two cents, which is worth just that, two cents.

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