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I'm WeasleX(tm) and I've been a gamer since I was 5 years old. I remember writing code from PC magazines my dad had, I think the first one I completed was one modeled after the board game battleship. Since then I've been a gamer, from PC (mostly) to console's, I've been addicted to video games.

I build some games using RM2K3, and I have a custom built PC rig I've built myself. Thus, I think it's safe to say that for right now, I'm a PC gaming fan. Even if I own an Xbox360, and a PS3, the PC has remained my number one gaming device.

So that's me in a nutshell, besides the facts that I like long walks by the beach, getting caught in the rain, I'm not into vodka, I'm into champagne. lol
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11:38 PM on 10.30.2014


I'm probably going to get crapped on for this, but if you want to help #GamerGate, here's your chance. This is a chance to get our story heard on the mainstream media. If you don't want to, feel free to vent in the comments, I'll take whatever you want to throw at me.

Operation: Colbert

Name: #GamerGate  
Email: ************
Subject: Operation Colbert
Topic: Colbert Report

Dear Stephen Colbert

           I understand you recently interviewed Anita Sarkeesian, and vowed to take on #GamerGate . I just want you to be objective and understand who we are before you take on this cause. My name is___________ and I am a gamer. We come from all nationalities, religions, sexes and even some of us are identified as disabled. If you think that we are evil, then maybe make our actions speak louder than words. Together, we've donated to charities that stop bullying and harassment, we've even rescued a charity dedicated to allow more women in game development. We've formed an anti harassment group, and prevent doxing/harassment online, and have even helped those who were against us. We've routinely asked for transparency and ethics in gaming journalism, a cause you and John Stewart do so for the mainstream media.
            Though, some of our members have harassed others, we need you to understand, we condemn those acts, and will continue to do so. We've been painted by our own media as bigots, and misogynists, and since so many of us are not, it's just not fair. So I come to you as one member of #GamerGate to let you know who we are, so that maybe you can be objective and look into this further. We need someone on the mainstream media to get our side of the story, and to date, I don't believe anyone in the mainstream has.


2:11 AM on 10.27.2014

In a recent video I watched regarding the recent victories that #GamerGate has gotten, I'm wondering... How far does this need to go? I mean, does #GG stop when all these corrupt media sites go down the drain or is there an unspoken list of terms for surrender?

I have an issue with Kotaku, Polygon, Gamasutra and the like, but I can't imagine gamers lives would be without them. Despite my rage topics about this, it never occured to me that they may have to fall. I still want transperancy in gaming media, and I feel SJW's should stop messing around with the industry, this hasn't changed. I still think that the reason these outlits are in attack mode though, is because they don't see an out. So they keep spewing forth attack after attack, insult after insult.

So, if there is an end to this, are there terms that everyone can agree with? Or is this something that most #GG feel that we'd be better off without these gaming sites? I'll list my top 5, but I'm sure I'm a bit off on some, let me know what you think as well.


1. Stop attacking start Appologizing.

The media has yet to stop the campaign of harrasment against their viewers, nor has many stepped up to appologize for the personal attacks on many individuals. This is a small olive branch, but I think is needed.

2. Transperancy within the industry.

Is the main focal point of #GG, you can't have #GG stop without that included. I think this is more than a reasonable request from the industry.

3. Distance from Social Justice Warriors.

They attack the industry they have claimed to want to 'save'. The Fine Young Capitalist story is one such instance, but there are others, and they are numorous. You want to end this war of culture, then get rid of them. All they did was stir up drama.

4. Stop harassing other journalists.

This is my personal rule, though it's known that journalists at Gawker have a habit of telling other journalists what to write about, what stories not to cover, and which sides to take. That's not journalism, that's just plain BS.

5. Get rid of the worst offenders

(Optional) Those that wrote the most hurtful articles, or those that refuse to stop attacking viewers, should be fired.

What do you think?


A few intersting notes about whats been going on at Gawker. For Starters, everyones favorite jokester Sam Biddle will no longer be on Vallywag. He's being promoted to Senior Writer at Gawker. This will come as a bit of a surprise to some, because it was his recent 'joke' about bullying that made Adobe pull advertisements.


Another thing to note is that traffic for Gawker is on the decline, now I've seen this before back in 2012, so it's no surprise when there's a bunch of negative media coverage from Gawker that this would be so now. With all this negative attention coming from the company, it's no surprise that this would be the current trend. I can't say if these numbers will return but I can speculate that if Gawker can survive the culture war currently, then chances are the traffic numbers will return as well.


As many know, advertisers have been leaving Gawker as of late, BMW, Intel, Adobe, to name a few. However, I don't personally think #GamersGate or #NotYourShield are to blame fully for this. Although it is true that pressure from both hash tags have helped, the main reason that was listed from advertisers was many had 'issues' by how Gawker Media handled the current situation by attacking their audiance. If this is true, it's actually Gawker that shot itself in the foot rather than pressure from the Hash Taggers.

There is also some legal issues that I didn't know about going on with Gawker, apparently the company is involved in a class action lawsuit. It's workforce of unpaid interns do the exact same work as normal employees and have to follow all the same company policy's. There is one minor exception, they're not paid.



What's the most interesting is the second link I posted above. Currently, a federal judge in New York has ruled that individuals who don’t get paid for their work aren’t protected by the New York City Human Rights Law and therefore can’t bring a sexual harassment claim against their employers. 

Finally, Gawker recently pulled down their advertisement page. I can guess this has to do with #GamersGate using it to target their advertisers, but your's truely found a link to the page it was before. Remember, nothing from the internet is truely taken down.





NOTE: I CAN NOT STAND BEHIND THESE STATS 100%, some of them are older, some of them only kept a small sample size, so keep that in mind. I DID LIST LINKS, so take is as you will.

Okay, give me a cookie, because I've actually done some homework on this blog topic. Now with the topic's about feminists going out on a crusade of justice, I decided to try and be objective. After all, this is still a sensitive subject, so I don't want to get too many people angry. Yet, what I found, kinda surprised me, so I thought it best to share it with my destructoid minions.

Half of all gamers are...

Women, that means the other half would be men. Apparently, from what I've found, men and women enjoy different things, clothing to cars, from food to beverages, even entertainment, such as books, music, movies, and... you guessed it, video games. The latest media that happens to be interactive, the sexes are divided on what types of games they prefer. Let's not misconstrued what I'm saying, which is that not all men like one game, and all women like another, that would be flat out WRONG. What I am saying, is that from recent studies made from 2014 to as far back as 2008, there's a difference in what men and women prefer in interactive media.

 (aka video games... justthoughti'daddthat...)


I Apologize for the poor picture quality above, but if you want to click the link below you'll see the chart clearer at it's source. Also keep in mind that this was made back in 2010, I have more sources with more modern material that was recently done in 2014. I'm just showing this off as a way to prove that even as far back as 4 years ago, there is a difference in what the genders like.

The Sims, PopCap, and Big Fish Games, women dominate in numbers here, where as games like GTA 4 or WoW, men have the majority. The reason I present that is to talk about 'target audiences'. The fact that games like GTA 5 made over 1 billion dollars in 3 days is because they knew that the majority of gamers would probably be male. Thus, they added things that their target audience would enjoy, such as gentlemen clubs, custom clothing men would enjoy, or 3 male protagonists... or antagonists if you prefer. (Not to sound like a sexist douche here.) They did this, without thinking of a feminist agenda and went with their baser, greed trumps all, instinct. You can see that paid off well for them with the first 3 days of release, which, I say again, grossed a little over 1 billion dollars.

Before we go on, yes, the game is sexist, yes, it's not a real representation of America, yes, it's wrong to portray women as sex objects. With that said, my question is, would it be more successful without all the offensive material? I ask because that's what publishers and developers ask. Apparently, it costs a lot of capital to make a triple A title, such as GTA 5, and they need to make the cost plus profit. How much did it cost? $265 million, say damn skippy right here ->


Now, this isn't to defend GTA 5, I whole heartedly admit it's failings as being geared toward a male audience. I merely use this game as one example of how a target audience, can help sell successful game in this industry. That's not to say that ALL games do this or ALL triple A titles, but most follow graphs and charts to help make their game more successful than it would be otherwise. Research is actually done in this manner by both developers and publishers, apparently greed moves the industry along. Who knew? (sarcasticsonofableep)


Again Blury as fudge, but you can still make out what it's saying... (link just below pic) Basically, it's another example of what women and men prefer to play more. Women are more active (then men) in mobile gaming markets. There are games that actually use this data to target women specifically to buy their games. Which is to say that it's not just men that are the sole target. Greed works both ways, and games like Mirror's Edge 2, latest Tomb Raider, quite a few Big Fish Games (which specifically target older women) ect. It's not just one way, men domate all, but the point is that these descions arn't based on a sexist agenda, it's based on greed. Most amount of sales pushed will allow you to build the next big game, and if sales data helps in any way, shape, or form, USE IT.

Feminists be damned for all I care, we SHARE equality in gaming, it just happens that some games are geared toward men, and some toward women. I don't care how many Anita's or Zoey Quinns are out there, they're wrong. Greed pushes this system forward and the genders decide whats popular for them, and this may not be perfect. Yet, it's far from sexist, and it's not dominated by one sex over the other. Gamers are in fact, inclusive, we'd love for you to have a good time with gaming. I just wonder if the tropes have ever offended anyone before they were screamed from the rooftops? Because there are male tropes too, and that never offended me before. That's my two cent's, which is worth just that, two cents.

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11:00 PM on 09.15.2014

Liegh Alexander may be the most respected woman in the industry, she writes for Kotaku, Los Angles Times, Kill Screen Game Pro, to name a few. I think it's safe to say that she's been with the industry for awhile. Still, her latest Blog on Gamasutra made me sit down and think for a bit. I'm a tad disturbed by the message behind it.


I'm writing this because as of late, there seems to be some... concerns going on with gaming. It's no longer, just for fun, or a pleasant passtime. Lately, we've had some issues with the gaming industry as a whole. The issues seems to be a revolution of sorts, of regarding women and how they are dipicted in gaming... but it goes far beyond that, and I think I have to post this to simply get this off my chest before I can move on.


This has spiraled out of hand as of late with death threats lashing out and nerd rage in it's most elegant pureist form of hate spew in all directions, with no end in sight. We can say, that it's a vocal minority, and that justifies that quite well. However, does that mean we can't have a normal discussion regarding this issue? Do we need to be petty to mearly dismiss the others point of veiw completely? I understand this is a tad touchy subject, it's hard to say one thing, without another group trying to ram the point home. 

Maybe I'm just skirting the topic, but I fear that if I list my point of view, I may be unvalidating what I really want to talk about, which is, about respect for an individuals point of view. I think that's a more important conversation to have.


In a sence, it's about respect, that may seem vague though, still, that is the core of it. Can we treat people how we want to treat ourselves on the internet regarless of gender, religion, occupation, race, or even point of view? Or do we simply restrict this to respecting those purely in the real world, and on the internet, let these evils surface? Basically, and quite bluntly, do we all need to be giant Lan Line Aholes?

My nerd rage, has usually been regarding developers, or a particular game, or defending/attacking a certain issue with the industry regarding a sales platform. (Example, Day one DLC.) My topics were never as important regarding anything beyond gun violence and against assigning blame on the gaming industry. I've had heated debates, but none beyond, nor as important as the discussion as this. Let's not beat around the bush, how women are depicted in video games is a HUGE topic. Though, we can't have a discussion, if all we focus on are negative aspects. What Liegh Alexander did is list several sites that showed examples of feral nerd rage. Though I think she failed to point out that what we need are less lists, we need less finger pointing. Lets face it, this has gotten out of hand on both sides.

I, personally, can't stand any of it, I find that if you don't agree with someone, can't we agree to disagree, and move on? Or, can't you have a respectful disscussion rather than posting hate from the highest tower? You don't need to harass people to get your point across, and it makes your argument that much more less valid because of it. I've mostly, just avoided it, tried to plug it out and focus on the games. That's what I've thought was always more poignant.

If someone wants to change how games are story writen, can't we have better writing instead of going for an easy out? Though, I digress, because I've always believed that if your a good writer, you don't need the easy outs. You can do without the, save the princess quests, the hero's a macho man. On the other hand, I still believe in free speech, and the right to be able to write what ever you wanted to make. I may not like the creation, I may not even play it, but I have that right too. There, maybe I took both sides, but I still didn't alienate one group over the other, I didn't trash talk, I didn't call out, I didn't harass.

My whole point is, if you want your point of veiw to be respected, it's going to be give and take. You have to respect other individuals regardless of if they're right in front of you or a million miles away. That way, they can respect you too, they may still not agree with you, but I don't think that's as important. Your not going to change hearts and minds on an issue this strong, and nerd raging the issue just makes it worse.

Maybe if we listened to the other side a bit more, maybe if we respected everyones opinion besides our own, maybe, just maybe the internet would be a better place. That's my two cents though, which is worth just that, two cents.

I actually held this back because I didn't think I should post this. So, if you agree or disagree, thats fine. I also know that some of this is slowly not becoming an issue, though it's still quite prevalent.


When I say, Shovel-Ware, I mean crap games from the 80's, RPG Maker games that have little right to be sold let alone be on Steam, games that don't deserve a place on Steam, (hidden object games, games that are more art pieces than game are prime examples.) and games so old they no longer work but recently are being sold on Steam.

Long sentence structure, I do apologize, still, the fact remains that there are thousands of these titles clogging up Steam. Though, I will admit, SOME of these games are good, Sometimes Always Monsters, Starbound (Which I was surprised with), Gary's Mod, to name a few were very fun. I'm going after all the others that make up the majority of crap we're seeing on Steam right now though.


There are a mere handful of titles that I would consider buying, most, I wouldn't give the time of day. Why? It's because most of these titles are bland, look and play the same and there are far better titles I can download for free on RMN right now. (http://rpgmaker.net/) You can find five good titles faster than you could buy one right now at RMN. I'm not advertising that site, I just need to post it to prove my point. Free is free and these people have more passion for their work and are far more creative than the dreg we're seeing on Steam. Knowledge is power people, let's use it for once.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't sell your work, but unless you have full rights to use the music, and art assets, don't bother, just don't. Even then, don't sell your work if your a novice. It'll look the same as everyone else's project, it won't stand out, it won't sell. VX in particular has graphical issues in that all the projects look the same, no matter how well your skills are.

Titles that don't fit

Take a look on the new releases right now, Trainy Town, Mountain, Dance Wall Remix, Tranz Trouble, ect. COME ON, this isn't Desura, we expect some amount of quality control when it comes to titles being released to Steam. These games just don't fit well with what was normally submitted to Steam. I'm sure some of these are okay, I list Mountain because it's not really a game, there isn't an objective that I can perceive. (And don't give me that crap about me not understanding that game, TELL ME WHY IT"S A GAME! WHAT OBJECTIVE IS THERE!?)

These titles fit desura, or a mobile platform, maybe Steam is trying to sell more mobile games, thats fine, but don't shove it in new releases then, put it in a special area where it doesn't clog up the New Release section.

Titles released from the 80's 90's 00's ect.

These titles have the audacity of being released in the new release section. The whole point of the New Release Section on Steam is that it's for NEW RELEASES! Not for titles that have been drug up from the darkest pits of abandoned ware only to see the light of day once again on Steam.