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6:16 AM on 06.17.2008

The Anne Diamond Clip

The promised video... see smugness in action... discussing the infamous game reviews, and the future for her gaming career, writing for Play Magazine.
For some reason the damn thing won't embed.

For the record, Anne Robinson should also be strung up, via that evil winky eye...   read

3:03 AM on 06.17.2008

Anne Diamond - Now Writing for A Game Mag!

Play Magazine Hire The Shit Spweing Slag to Write for them.

Confirming on this morning's 'The Wright Stuff' Anne (I hate Games) Diamond confirmed that since she wrote the article on evil in gaming, she has become hated by the gaming community (at least she noticed) and as a result Play Magazine have asked her to write for them regularly, to provide a 'mum's point of view' on games.

What a steamin' pile of bollocks.

Ultimately this means one of two things:

1) Play Magazine thinks that Anne Diamond is a font of wisdom

2) No one buys the magazine, in favour of Edge or GamesTM etc... and this is shameless headline grabbing.

I can't say either way, but I have emailed them to provide a 'Dad's point of view' being as I am not only a parent of three, as well as a trained Youth Worker and a governor of a local school, through which I am getting DS consoles used as learning tools, so hopefully I shall be as faily hired. (Unless of course I am not reviled enough within the gaming community to get people blogging...)

- On a related note, she just said 'crap' on morning TV, how dare she corrupt my child's ears with such filth???

Down with that sort of thing.   read

6:19 AM on 04.23.2008

The Real GTA IV Intro Entices...

It looks like those other videos were faker than my intentions of saving the cheerleader, and by extension the world...

It's a good opening, nay a GREAT opening... Video is up and down, but there's a description up on my site, or in the guy above me's comment field...   read

6:39 PM on 04.14.2008

Of Kittens and Cheese...

Why is it that putting a room full of gamers, adding in a couple of strangers and a game that encourages hilarity - in this case Burnout Paradise - results in the sort of conversations that would leave Faith Nelson blushing?

This evening's ruck on BP started of as fairly innocuous, with the occasional takedown shot of nudity, when suddenly the chatter erupted into something very disturbing and worrying.

"Well, cheese makes for the perfect kitten raping tool"

That one line led to talk of 'churning man milk', '', 'Fen Folk are all inbred', 'why not steal a car and attatch a cat to the back...'

Now I am an animal lover, but I found myself in hysterics when it came to the conversation, that almost became a Burnout Paradise/Bestiality version of 'The Aristocrats'.

Either way, we are off for a shower, need to wash the filth off...   read

2:41 AM on 04.12.2008

FAO Mr Sterling

Right, as I posted before Jim Sterling suggested a moron gauntlet, which would give 'so-called haters' the change to go toe to toe with him for a chortle. Well, one of the people he 'named' was our very own Bouncybhall, who accepted, only for Jim to suddenly suffer amnesia.

Which is all well and good, only now Bouncy is off on a winner's victory lap.

So Mr Sterling, if you don't remember him, here's a reminder.

He's the one who you wrote about as 'The Jim Sterling Hate Site'

He's also the one he claims you have quoted in your sig on your other forum.

And perhaps more importantly, he's the one that has made a Lego Minifig out of you.

So, I can understand not remembering, he's quite forgettable (sorry Bouncy) but we offer you this, instead of honoring your Moron Gauntlet proposal, why not come onto our podcast? Same rules apply.

Or just set up a Moron Gauntlet and belittle Bouncybhall (sorry again Bouncy, but this has gone on long enough now).

So, what do you reckon fella?   read

4:36 AM on 04.11.2008

Jim Sterling Vs 'The one that looks like a Sex Offender'

It has been a while since our very own Bouncybhall and Destructoid's Jim Sterling have crossed paths, despite Bouncy's constant moaning and complaining about the 'hack' writer.

We were hoping that when he left Consoles and Conkers that it would calm down, but he didn't and now he has noticed the offer Sterling made to participate in the 'Moron Gauntlet' in Jim's recent C-blog.

Now while we don't condone Bouncy's hatred, we do like the idea of seeing him given a platform to actually do something proper, rather than feeble rantings on a blog.

So please, make this happen, it might make him shut the fuck up, and write about proper stuff.   read

5:19 AM on 04.08.2008

PAL Rock Band to be all about the Choices...

When Rock Band was released States-side the in-box peripherals were found to be faulty in certain batches. The guitar didn't work correctly for some, and the drum kit broke for others. This meant that many were left high and dry as stocks were too low to issue replacement copies.

Well, over here we get the choice. The game is going to RRP as 49.99 (39.99 normal price) and the peripherals will sell seperately for 129.99 (119.99 real money). But no sign of bundle at all. So finding both parts will be the challenge, although we at the Lolocaust expect some retailers to offer bundle deals on the two seperate items, Game and Gamestation in particular. On top of the peripheral bundle the guitar will sell seperately for about 50 and the drums separately for roughly 60. No price yet for the mic.

As Gemsi rightfully pointed out earlier, the game is due for a May 23rd release, exclusively on XB360 (for now).   read

1:03 PM on 04.06.2008

Charlton Heston Dead!

Serves the old cunt right for kissing apes.

Should have shot more apes, after all isn't that what the NRA is for, curbing the rise of the 'Planet of the Apes'?   read

1:53 PM on 04.05.2008

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes...

It's funny, in a matter of weeks one game can go from the next great thing to bargain bin, the outsider can do well, and constantly people are guilty of under-estimation.

Last night's issues with XBL for example, should NOT have happened, but it appears that someone under-estimated the potential popularity of the new map pack, and then under-estimated the damage that could be caused by issuing a title update during a huge night of gaming.

Every now and then this sort of catastrophic fuck-uppery occurs, but it seems the industry will never learn.

I only hope they are prepared for a shitstorm if they fuck up the first night of new Burnout Paradise content. We love the game, and anything comes between that and us... we'll go spare.   read

5:58 PM on 03.27.2008

Marlon Brando Stole My Pants...

Damn, don't listen to David Bowie while composing blog titles.

Anyways, been an odd week, and I have been revisiting an old friend of mine, the Acorn Electron (The BBC for poor people).

The Electron was my first home computer way back in the early 80's and was more than enough to set me up for life.

Best game? Frankenstein 2000 without fail.

But I haven't touched one in years, so have just bought one from eBay, and shudder at the prospect of Electron gaming on a 42 inch LCD TV...

Either way, will be a trip.   read

6:11 AM on 03.27.2008


Sometimes things happen that knock you for six, and today I have been knocked for six, seven and indeed eight.

360 Gamer magazine has put our site on their 'Hot List'

Consider my socks blown off.

And consider the site crashed by a huge influx of visits...

:D   read

4:29 PM on 03.22.2008

Lolocausting For Marbles

The other day I introduced the site we are working on, which aims to be the Kinder Surprise Egg of the internet... or at least somewhere near that.

Over the week we have been working on a podcast, but more importantly we've been moving servers, which is a hefty task, lucky we are a smallish site at the mo, we had to relink EVERY DAMN post to the correct author after the order got mixed up.

We are currently looking to build on what we have, with more 'One Hour Impressions' and hopefully less angry emails from Jews.

We actually thought it would be cool to create a website around a Nuclear Lolocaust, all cyber punk Mad Max, by the way of the Mighty Boosh and the News at Ten with Trevor MacDonald.

However, some figured we were going for Concentration Camp Hilarity.


So yeah, thanks for popping by, we've seen a lot of Destructoiders dropping by, so thanks for that, if you haven't been by, drop by...

Lolocaust - Not Hating Jews, Just Worshiping Nuclear Warfare   read

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