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I am a student studying English. I plan on being a publisher with the hope of writing urban fantasy novels. I'm critical of the story and writing aspects of the game more than anything else because a fantastic looking game can be utterly marred by a crap story and I really hope that I can show future gamers the importance of this.

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8:11 PM on 01.11.2013

Dodge, dodge, dodge, jump, avoid the lightning bolt, jump, jump, jump....get hit by a star. Do it again. You're a pixel off. Do it again, forgot about the lightning bolt. This has been going on for 45 minutes and you still can't nail it. You're stuck knowing what you need to do, but your hands aren't quick enough.

This type of event has happened more than once with me. I try and try and try, but I keep failing. Eventually, I give up, thinking that it is impossible for me to do it. When I complain that I constantly fail, no one ever tells me to get back up and try again. So, I continue on, sometimes for years, thinking that I'm not that great at it. However, I know the steps, I know that I can nail it. All I need it one more shot. But I kept telling myself that I couldn't do it because I failed so many times before.

So here I am: a half finished story, a Game Over screen, or another busted relationship. That small, annoying voice creeps into my ear and says that I shouldn't have even tried in the first place. I couldn't get it before, so why even try again?

I used to believe in that voice. In fact, I listened to it more than I should have most of the time. But after a few changes, I'm staring at a screen that somehow has become a hell of a lot more deeper than it should have for me: I'm looking at myself through a game that is meant to troll the pants off of anyone who touches it.

Only 15 days left. Let's see how far this rabbit hole goes.

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