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Wavilines avatar 9:17 PM on 01.09.2013  (server time)
21 Days of Guy: Day 4 (Progress)

I didn't forget to do a blog at the last minute. I started classes today and had to slowly carve out a schedule for myself in order to incorporate everything I needed to in order to function as a human being. Sadly, this somehow involved me looking at that .exe file for longer than I should have with the saddest face in the world.

However, there is still hope. I have made progress.

It's a strange thing to read about so many people giving up around the third screen. While it is possibly the epitome of trolling, the game is not necessarily difficult. What it requires is enough time to think about how to do something rather than rampaging through it like so many people do. There is no hand holding in this game whatsoever and, from what I've read, people seem to take glee in the fact that they've played the game. It is somewhat disturbing at how many play it "ironically," as if it makes them cool.

As someone who voluntarily did something so asinine as to only play this for a little less than a month, I can safely say there is nothing "cool" or "ironic" about this game. It does not make you "hip," "trendy" or even "rad." This game is made for you to go insane or reach the pinnacle of gaming zen.

In other words, I regret nothing.

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