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Wavilines avatar 5:07 PM on 01.07.2013  (server time)
21 Days of Guy: Day 2 (Frustration and Patience)

Today was pretty frustrating. The goal was to attempt finalization for classes but there was a hold on my account. The hold was from (I kid you not) the Office of Information Technology and it was about advisement. So, like a normal sane person, I called the school to see what this was about. I was never told what the hold was for, but that I had to report to the counseling office to get it taken off. Since I don't own a vehicle, I explained that it was nigh impossible for me to get on campus. I got a pleasant sounding response but what I heard was "Tough. If you can't get on campus, you can't study. No way about it."

I needed to get to campus but I didn't know how. In desperation, I called a friend and he was actually glad to do it. I thanked God for having a friend that understood my situation and off we went.

I am a distance learning student. This means that all my classes are online and I study from home. It's somewhat tougher to do since I have to wait on the teacher's response and there is a lot of discipline that's involved. I have only been to the main campus 3 times, but today was different: new student orientation was happening. The hallways were packed with students and I made my way to the counseling office, where I found 30 people milling around the waiting area. They were waiting on an advisor. "How long will it take?" The answer: shrug. So I stood there and waited. It was at this point that I thought "I can't wait to play Payday when I get home."

It was this thought that kept me entertained for the entire 50 minute waiting period.

Whenever I get frustrated, I use games as an outlet. Normally, I play something that requires my total attention so that my mind is off of whatever the thing that is frustrating me. But it's already Day 2 and I felt the need to go play games.

Colossians 3:15 says "And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful." I had a lot to be thankful for at that moment. I was pissy, snappy and by all means wanting to kick a baby, but I had a lot going for me at that moment. I had a friend that was willing to drive me to the school and then wait for everything to get done. I had a school to be studying at. I had money to study with, which most people struggle with. But the thing that got me was to just be studying at all. The past few years could have completely taken me off the path that I'm at now: getting a degree to enter into a field that I am passionate about. These were the things that brought me peace.

I Wanna Be The Guy, after playing it last night, is the same way. I've yet to get past the second screen and it is incredibly frustrating. How the hell can someone make a game this brutal? Why would someone make it this brutal? A lot of people would have quit by now and just played something else, but I didn't feel that. I just kept going despite having to dodge giant cherries for the 50th time. Some people don't even get that far.

A pudgy looking man bellowing from the hallway breaks my thought train. "IF ANYONE HAS A 12, 24, or 48 HOUR HOLD ON THEIR ACCOUNT, FOLLOW ME!" Six people, including me follow him. I am seated in front of a cute looking girl and am asked for my student number. Ten literal seconds later, everything is done. I felt my frustration build again, but I smiled and said "Thank you." She gave me a wink (hey hey hey!) and my buddy and I went to get Taco Bell.

Patience is something that comes when finding peace despite all the stuff that is going on. It's difficult to do, especially when this entire situation could have been handled over the phone. I wanted to walk into the office and bully and browbeat until I got it fixed, but that would have made it worse. Finding peace when things are shitty does make things less shitty, at least for you.

That was a horrible way to end this thing.

Why am I talking about the Bible and "I Wanna Be The Guy"? Find out here.

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