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Dyslixec's House of Tree Waffles

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My god, it's full of teeth!

Attention to all of you Divinity II players, there has been a contest running for awhile where there are some crazy prizes being given away. Such as PC's, Consoles, TV's .. and this amazing wall mount below.. this photo I fou...


Steamtoid is Live!

Attention all dtoiders, this is a public service announcement brought to you by WastelandTraveler. I have noticed over the past several months, that the destructoid steam group has been rather... limp these days. This issue...


Do you want to be a Golden Robot?

After reading a comment in one of the front page news posts about destructoid, someone made said that instead of making dtoid exclusively closed, that they should offer a premium membership that includes a free tshirt, spec...


Wolfenstein (PC) Review

Instead we get this... Overview Where there is nazi's there is Wolfenstein, where there's Wolfenstein, there is paranormal events with strange weapons and American John Wayne bad assery. The time has finally come where Ra...


New RAGE Screenshots

No need for title images, or long words, i'll just leave this here and let you ponder on the beautiful visuals of this game, and come to the realization that these are screenshots from the xbox 360 build of Rage, so taking in...


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