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6:50 PM on 04.09.2010 // WastelandTraveler
MW2 FNF Free weekend : BRORUSH Edition! (Short Blog)

Awww yeah thats right boys and girls, its time to play this trash PC game together in force! We are gathering in the Destructoid steam group Steamtoid - come by the Steamtoid chat room and rally up w/ the rest of the troops. We will be doing a BRORUSH of all games, where we all consume the name BRORUSH and play with nothing but noobtoobs and yell like little children in the microphone! If Activision wants to impose this console port on us PC gamers, then we will act like their intended audience! NOW COME FORTH BROS AND RUSH WITH US!

This short pointless FNF blog brought to you by Steamtoid : It's Bat Country!
yes it was necessary to url link this much
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