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WastelandTraveler avatar 7:53 PM on 05.02.2010  (server time)
MechWarrior 4 Download Salvation [Painless Edition]

Well now, it seems that Microsoft and MekTek exchanged some kind of behind the curtain favors to acquire the free release rights of MechWarrior 4! Joy has been spreading through the world this week as literally thousands of people are downloading this game and causing MekTek's "Awesome" cliient program to shit lazer bricks. With this, it has left many consumers wanting free shit very upset. So.. want to acquire this free game without the massive headache of shitting lazer bricks? Well look no further!

What is this 'MechWarrior' you speak of?
Only the greatest thing ever created! Forget everything you found awesome about MechAssault / Chromehounds, etc.. MechWarrior is the grand daddy, be all end all of Mech Games, with the exception of Steel Battalion I suppose ;). In a nut shell MechWarrior is based off of the 'Battletech' Universe, where people fight in giant machines the size of buildings and pew pew lazer eachother to death. In other words, this series is awesome and you NEED to play it. You know whats even more awesome? This game will run GREAT on a netbook!

What is the best MechWarrior game?
Well the entire series was, for the most part, amazing. The general consensus points to MechWarrior 2 and MechWarrior 3 being the best of the series. For me personally its MechWarrior 3 ;). BUT! this should not steer you away from trying MechWarrior 4, its still a fantastic game, AND ITS FREE! So GET IT!

How to get all this jazz without shooting yourself
Well below are links to the direct torrent files that you can download with any basic torrent client that is not MTX ;P. Once these files are finished downloaded, you can easilly extract them using winzip/winrar, or any other .zip/.rar packaging program.

Once the files are extracted, install the main file first, and then the subsquent patches after that! And then you should be good to go! No need for the insanily broken MTX program at all, MechWarrior 4 in your hands, ready to play and be loved.

Main File [1.7 GB]
Patch 01 [3.1 MB]
Patch 02 [63.5 MB]

Source ::

**If you are having slow download speeds, try to open the ports in your router to what you have set in your torrent client.

Pro Tips to Torrenting - Making your download and everyone elses an easy one
1) Dont limit your upload speed - Chances are if you are on average internet speeds, it wont do much to your download AT ALL, so dont do it. Plus there are torrent clients out there that will limit your download speed based on what you capped your upload at ;). Also, being a leech is being a douche, this shit is free and legal! Download away!

2) Patience is a virtue! When you start the download, give it about 30-40 minutes before you say "MAN THIS SHIT SUCKS ITS SLOW!" torrents need to collect and gather peer data and it could take some time before you start seeing your good download speeds.

3) Dont do this shit when you are playing games online, it will destroy your experience. Keep this sucker active when you are either playin a single-player game, or are sleeping with your hello kitty pillows.

GLHF! See you on the battlefield!

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