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I'm not really what you might call a serious gamer but I'm serious in my own way. I rather prefer action adventure games like Rachet and Clank, Prince of Persia(either versions), Heavenly sword, God of War and so forth... I'm trying my hand on online play in first person shooters. I haven't found it that enjoyable yet but that's probably due to the lack of gamers out here, but I'm working on it. You'll find that my blog posts will be rather short, in fact, this will probably be the longest peice of writing you'll get out of me...

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This looks like an okay game to play. It's maybe more geared to the lovers of the God of War franchise like myself. Nonetheless it like it's worthy or at least a rent...

Marvel has just confirmed that they are planning on developing an origin story for Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds as the "Merc with a mouth." Click the following link for the story.


I wonder if they'll make a game for this movie as well...just wishful thinking...

This looks like a game i would consider buying when it comes out. It reminds me of "Ninja Gaiden II," "God of War," and "Silent Hill," and "Constantine". Now, i've only read about half of the book so far but it seems like if the game developers of EA play true to the literary work then it might be an enjoyable game at least for me anyways.
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