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WankerJist's blog

6:49 PM on 11.28.2009

A PS3/X360 Philosophy Disparity?

So I just got a PS3 for Black Friday and 5 games: Little Big Planet, God of War Collection, MGS4, Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena, and GT5: Prologue (Is GT5 ever coming out? This is the Duke Nukem of racing games.) After...   read

9:12 PM on 11.24.2009

I'm Thankful For Gaming Solace

[Warning: By the end of this, you may think I sound like a spoiled brat or a whining toddler. Semi-rantish. You've been warned.] This was one of the first images that popped up when I Googled "wants to play with you." The ...   read

10:09 AM on 11.01.2009

"Fuzzy Pickles"

Had I known about the Ness kit from Fangamer, I would've used that for my Halloween costume. Instead, I did this on my own.   read

12:31 PM on 10.30.2009

Nothing is Sacred: The ESRB

The ESRB is a stroke of genius by the gaming industry. To my knowledge, the only other well-publicized, non-profit group that rates its own media in the United States is the MPAA for movies. An organization policing video g...   read

7:42 AM on 10.28.2009

Intro Post, Back From The Dead Edition

Hey D-Toid. I am the WankerJist, but you can call me Wanker for short. Just don't call me Shirley: you haven't earned the right yet. You are a dirty, dirty man, Charlie Brown. Anyways, you might know my brother Masterledz ...   read

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