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Wagner Paiva Fernandes avatar 9:49 AM on 05.20.2013  (server time)
You give BRAZIL a bad name: how imature brazilian gamers are ruining it for all

Reports are appearing in several media outlets across the country: the online brazilian gamer behavior is irritating the rest of the world.

Some brazilians act like beggars on games like DAY-Z or Dota, with the catch phrase "Gibe money plOx or I report yu" (Give me money, or I will report you).

Others are robbing people and disrupting the matches, with neverending chanting of the "words" "BR BR BR BR", a call to arms to other brazilians.

In a interview, a 19 years old gamer from the country said: "We like to set the terror loose, it is just a game, donīt take it so seriouslly". This young man probably donīt get invited to board games sessions. Can you imagine his approach to Monopoly? He would probably kick the board to the ground and eat the money, while defecates on the other players heads. After all, it IS just a game.

This behavior is just a reflection of the imaturity these south american holligans must have at dealing with their entire life affairs, and, of course, not all brazillians are this toxic when playing games.

That said, being from Brazil is now enough to be kicked out of a game, the rest of the world is not taking any chances.

However, the game developers can help: the phrase "Gibe money plOx or I report yu" (Give me money, or I will report you) and many others used in the virtual gangs comunication can be traced and these brazillians that donīt play well with others, banned from the games.

This could restore the good gamers from the country (they exist) good name, after all, not all brazilians are (virtual) terrorists.

PS.: Here are some links to the said articles:

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