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Wagner Paiva Fernandes avatar 9:55 AM on 03.31.2013  (server time)


Well, I will explaing for you as a SONY consumer, not a video game fanboy, which I am not, cause I own a 3ds and a Xbox360 as well, so, give me the benefit of the doubt while I do it, ok?
Right now I own a VITA, also, a PSP and PS3. When Sony announced the stream play on Vita-PS4, I thought: "Cool, I can play next gen games before I go to sleep, that is neat".
And that stayed in my mind, telling me to get a PS4 at launch, which I did not intend to, because I usually wait a year or two to get into a console (wich is why I donīt have a WIIU).
So, to some people, who already own a VITA, the stream-play is a bonus reason to dive in on PS4, let us say that 10% of Vita owners do it BECAUSE of the stream-play, 500k plus consoles at launch, very nice.

Bear in mind that these people would not buy a WIIU anyways, because Sony and MS consumers have played HD games for 7 years already, so the WiiU is nothing new for them. In that sense, is not a response, just a cool feature.
Well, that is all well and good, but, if VITA fanbase is really small, wich it is, WHAT IS THE POINT? Two points actually:

1 -Some, LISTEN, SOME, of the PS4 buyers, will feel compelled to buy a VITA, with the stream excuse, and, THEN, will enjoy the VITA library as well. I say that will happen to 10% of the ps4 new users, so, maybe 500k - 800k of the 5 - 8 million ps4 buyers (first year). A nice boost to the Vita.

2 - Some, I SAID SOME, consumers will be interest in the full next gen flavor that the VITA-PS4 combo offer, I mean the WIIU have nice PS3-XBOX360 like graphics, scale and physics, but we all know that the PS4 and Next box will be a whole another ball game, as the PS3 was in comparition with the WII, no disrespect, of course, the WiiU will sell just fine, but, SOME gamers will want the premium experience.I say this will be a very small chunk of the whole market, like another 500k.

After all is said and done, this stream-feature will atract 2 or 3 million more users to VITA, at worst, and 5-10 million, in a dream scenario. IT WILL NOT KILL THE WIIU, as I explained above, so, no worries. But it will help the VITA and, in a smaller scale, the young PS4 as well.

Hey, donīt get me wrong, the WiiU will do just fine, and I want all of the big three to succeed, I really do, but that is my honest opinion on this subject.

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