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The WiiU has no competition yet. (Real War starts at october).

by Wagner Paiva Fernandes   //   12:38 PM on 04.02.2013

Remember Full Metal Jacket? First half of the movie is boot camp, training, preparation, second half is WAR. Till october, Nintendo is in Full Metal Jacket, first half, after october, it will be a huge shit sandwich, and we all will have to take a bite.

I have seem people comparing the WiiU to the PS3, which is totally unfair, the Sony System is almost 7 years old, the WiiU is brand new, of course the WiiU HAS to have the edge in every single thing, if it hasnīt, it is a LOUD SHAME, if it has, it is only normal and excpected.
In tech, we always assume the new thing is better and cutting edge, it is what is is.
However, the trial of WiiU does not start until the new kids arrive, PS4 and NEXTBOX, at october-november 2013, THEN, and only them, we will have a good old fashioned console showdown, and it will be epic!

Right now, two kind of people are buying the WiiU:

1- Nintendo die hard fans, who would never buy another console from other company.

2 - Gamers who want a next gen console, because they had enough of the current gen.

So, in any case, WIIU is competing ONLY against itself, because it is the only new Nintendo console and the only new console overall.

The real deal will be late 2013. By them, the WiiU big guns will be all out, Mario, Zelda, the whole thing, the newborn consoles will have to capture our minds and hearts, not only against the WiiU, but also against the two most amazing video game consoles ever released, PS3 and XBOX360. These old beasts were cutting edge when they came, and still can put up a fight, their games look good, play good and, at PSN and sales in general, donīt even cost much (I bought the amazing Deus Ex Human Revolution for 9 dollars at PSN yesterday).

The WiiU has a nice window of opportunity in these next 6-8 months, let us see what happens. Anyway, it is a exciting time to be a gamer.

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