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Wagner Paiva Fernandes avatar 11:44 AM on 02.10.2013  (server time)
NEXT GEN GAMING: We need to grow up.

I see all around people worried about backward compatibility and used games blocking on the, still rumored, next gen consoles.
That is a very weird thing, sounds like a little kid living on allowance talking.
If you want to play next gen games, your last console will not break, it still exists, if you want to play the oldies, plug the old console.
IF, and only IF a console is backward compatible, ok, then you can use it, but if it ainīt, so what? It is the company prerrogative, if you donīt like it, DONīT BUY IT. Play your retro games and be happy.
I will pay the higher price IF the next gen is mind blowing and amazing. If not, them I will play the oldies. But I donīt care about used games or Backward compatibility, I am not a little kid, life is too short.

Gamers are spoiled and shallow individuals, any other aspect of life has itīs costs and disadvantages we donīt have in gaming: if you like luxury cars, you gotta pay 3 million dollars for a Ferrari and all the headaches that comes with it. Gamers can have the best of the best for a few hundred dollars and they are still miserable and angry.
We NEED to finally grow up and understand how lucky we are. All other hobbies in the world demand a much higher entry fee, we got it easy living in this crazy virtual world games are giving us, but we still think all the companies are evil and mean.
We can be gamers, sure, but we cannot forget that WE NEED TO GROW UP and be adults as well.
Let us be one with the industry: If you love something, support it, people will have their jobs, stock holder will get hteir profit, everybody wins.
If you donīt like something, STAY AWAY of it. Donīt buy it, show your opinion with your wallet.
And realise, no one has to give you free stuff, this is the real world, everything costs something in the real world.
However, being a GAMER is an amazing thing, no one else has this amazing oportunity we got, of living dozens of virtual lives during our own lives.

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