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Wagner Paiva Fernandes avatar 12:25 PM on 04.06.2013  (server time)
MICROSOFT is happy with the Nextbox rumors.

MICROSOFT is happy with the Nextbox rumors.

First of all, all these rumors about blocking used and offline games sound like lies. None of these features are positive, doesnīt make any sense, the PS4 had rumors like 4k res, 5gb ram, stuff like that, why the Nextbox would be so weird and bad all of sudden? I donīt believe it.

Not only that, I think Microsoft is letting these lies to spread, so, when they reveal that the console is actually very cool, it will sound much more awesome.

In his book THE PRINCE, Nicolau Machiavelli TEACH THIS VERY SAME MOVE, he says that is very wise to let bad rumors to spread through the land for a little while, them, very stronglly, reveal that the reality isnīt so bad, it makes people happy.

The same principle is used in companies when the employees want a salary raise. The management let it out some rumor of downsizing and other bad measures, after a while, no one want raises anymore.

Thanks to these rumors, when the NEXTBOX is revealed, and it plays used games and offline ones, everyone will think this is as awesome as the second coming of Christ.

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