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Wagner Paiva Fernandes's blog

Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes (PS4) Review
2:07 AM on 03.19.2014
Outlast (PS4) and the future of horror gaming.
2:13 PM on 03.16.2014
Xbox Fitness on Xbox One is DOWN, Server error.
11:47 AM on 02.20.2014
The tale of Jane Consumer, Cliff Xbox and Bob Playstation.
7:27 PM on 06.17.2013
THE LAST OF US: Best game I have played in my life.
8:37 PM on 06.14.2013
Microsoft lost, and I will tell why.
11:13 AM on 05.27.2013

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Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes (PS4) US$ 29,90 (Digital).

First of all, I bought my copy on PSN (PS4), for about 30 dollars, it is a nice deal because the physical copy costs up to 100 dollars here in Brazil. Althought I own all consoles, I went with the PS4 version since sony is nice enough to give me free indie games in the PSN PLUS program, we got to give back some love to them for that.

Well, now, the game.
I REALLY REALLY really loved!
It is the kind of game I can play 20, 30 times and try diferent aproaches in every play session, I am so in love with MGS5 GZ, what a masterpiece, AMAZING!

I took 93 minutes to clear the Ground Zeroes mission, but I was really really sloppy, got caught a bunch of times and died, did some Rambo shit too, killed a lot of soldiers...

I think that doing a ninja play session would take a lot longer, like 3 or 4 hours, and also there is a lot of hidden stuff and eye candy that I ignored to make this time.

It feels like a old school NES game somehow, I canīt explain! But also, it feels like a MGS game, it is so freaking fun, I canīt stop playing!

My final thoughts? Kojima is a freaking genious, this game is a piece of heaven, but I donīt know how much of the new generation gamers can understand itīs appeal and flavor. I really hope they get it, because this is just amazing video game right here, everyone should taste it.

MGS5 GZ is the coolest PS4 game yet!
There are still some missions to go, I will play them tomorrow. I still think the same: althought it can be played (in a sloppy way) in 4 or 5 hours (every mission counts), this game is much more fun than anything the west have been shoving down our throats as "30 hours games".
Who cares if it is short? If it is fun as this, I will play till my fingers bleed. And if it is boring, then 1 hour is way too long.
That said, to complete everything and get good enough to achieve everything would definitely take 20 hours or more. Heck, to gamers like me is more like infinite hours, since I am not that good...
By the way, I realize that this review sounds biased, but that what happens when a game make us fall in love with it, reason goes away. I missed that in video games, thank you mr. Hideo Kojima, for bringing it back to gaming.

Final Score:
Graphics: 10/10.
Gameplay: 10/10.
Story: 10/10.
Sound: 10/10.
Final Score: 10/10.

So, I have been playing Outlast since yesterday, because it came free with Psn Plus for the PS4.

You play as a journalist WITH NO GUN that investigates a Insane personīs hospital called Asylum whatever. That is not important.

The important part is that you have a very cool video camera and document whatever you want, to expose the evidence. You can turn the camera on, off and use infrared lenses to see in the dark. The camera uses batteries that go out with time and managing that is part of the experience.

What I love in OUTLAST is that you are not suppose to fight, heck, you donīt even have a fight button, all you can do is experience and document with the camera, Run, Hide and Die. That is it.

This creates a amazing, unique and VERY SATISFYING horror game, like nothing else in the console market really.
The game is amazing, the graphics, actually quite good, althought I know a lot of people said they were bad.
I got really scared a lot of times playing, not only because of set pieces, but because of the mood, atmosphere and overall experience, this is the Horror I crave for in games!

That said, I know there are many games like that on Steam and very few on consoles. My question is: why?

We obviously proved that we crave for this games, see ZombiU on WiiU, it sold 700k, which is a 15% install base penetration.
Of course horror will never sell 10 ou 20 million, but Outlast proves it doesnīt have to cost that much, it only needs good ideas and careful execution.
Well, I say: let the indies bring their horror games to the consoles, a lot of people, me included, hate to game on PC, and with Sony policy of self publishing, there is no reason for us to have horror games droughts anymore.

Donīt Starve (PS4) and Lone Survivor (PS3 - Vita) are cool introductions to the genre too.
Also, MS should change their policies, Sony is kicking their asses with the Indies, there are tons of cool indie titles on PSN for Vita, PS3 and even for the newborn baby PS4.

The future of horror is console indie games, and I for one am very happy about it!

Xbox Fitness on Xbox One is DOWN, Server error.

Since yesterday we cannot acess the Fitness app on Xbox One.

Trying to workout since yesterday and it seems the app do not work at all on XBOX ONE.
MS knows about it, as it shows here:
Anyone else havin this problem?
It is a cool app, but having to stream the videos is not good, they should let us download them.
MS should just lock the workouts to our gold accounts and let us use them as long as we are Gold member, no streamings.
That would solve everything and make the app much more appealing, even could have a retailer version since it is actually really good when it works.

Can Dtoid please do some article on this? it is a widespread problem that is hurting a lot of Xbox One costumers and MS will not move without pressure.

Bob Playstation loves Jane Consumer, he wants to treat her right, to have a relationship, maybe kids.

But Jane Consumer loves Cliff Xbox, he is tall, drives a big flashy car and he is also american, Bob is a asian kid and he is too much of a nice guy, Jane wants the bad boy attitude of Cliff Xbox, he looks like trouble, and she loves it.

Then Cliff Xbox takes Jane Consumer out in his cool car. She is happy, but she is also young and naive, she thought they would just play and laugh, but he beat her up, rapes her and trows her out of the car in the middle of nowhere.

Now Jane Consumer is confused, she is sad, without a direction in life. Cliff Xbox got her pregnant and left, with nothing left but sorrow and despair.

Bob Playstation comes to visit.

"Hey baby, I love you, I want you back. I will treat you right, raise your baby. We can play, laugh, be happy, and you know I will always respect you".

Jane canīt believe, she is so happy, she is in love.

"Oh Bob, youīre so wonderfull, I am so sorry, I was young and naive, I will be with you Bob, we will be so happy. Kiss me Bob, kiss me"

The End.

THE LAST OF US: Best game I have played in my life.

I am one hour in, I laughed, I have smiled, I cried, got scared, I CARED, I had fun, I have felt a rush, I ran for my life, I AM IN LOVE.
THE LAST OF US arrived today in the mail, I had preorderd and now I am in gaming heaven.
I have been playing games since the NES, when I was 9 or 10 years old.
Today I am 31 and, let me tell you, I have never felt in all these years what THE LAST OF US gave me in this first hour.
BRAVO! Bravo Naughty Dog, I am forever impressed.

TV, Sports, Adertisements, Fees and secrets all around. 
Microsoft is in a world of trouble if they think their strategy is going to work, and I will tell why.
I have a XBOX360 and I am also only buying the PS4 in this hollyday, and I tell you why. Here is what MS is doing with the Xbox One and turned me off from the console:

1 - Achievements for watching TV, that is just dumb. 
The most passive activity in the world is now something that get you awards, need I to say more?

2 - Region locked games.
That is a minor problem, but still a problem to people from countries that overcharge for games and where certain games will never be released.

3 - Fee to play used games.
Used game? You cannot play it without paying a fee. That is the next step from the online pass stuff. And, althought the online pass makes some sense, since servers and online services cost money to the company,  it is only fair. Oh, wait, MS online service is already paid, isnīt?

4 - Xbox Live is STILL paid.
Yep, STILL paid. While Sony offer every kind of gifts, advantages, free games, free trials, blowjobs... to their premium subscribers, MS is still charging for the simple online gameplay, which is free on Sony and Nintendo. 

5- Focus on media instead of focusing in games.
TV, TV, TV, TV, Sports, Halo Show, Remedy tv show, Spielberg, NFL fantasy wet dream and stuff like that are now MS main focus. Games are not that important, and, according to MS, we will like to watch tv once again...

6 - New Remedy game is a freaking tv series.
Well, not really. Of course not, but what is that stupid trailer? Remember Alan Wake? That was cool, right? This one, not that much...

7- Always online (once a day).
To updates, to download new advertisements, and, to BE ABLE TO PLAY even offline games, you have to be online.

8 - Obligatory installation of 20GB games on a 500GB HD (not replaceable).
Hideo Kojima last masterpiece, METAL GEAR SOLID 4 was close to 40GB. So, you better finish your first game if you want to play another.

9 - Obligatory Kinect use.
Remember that thing that 10 million Xbox360 (casual dancing bimbos) users liked? Now the 65 million real Xbox360 gamers will also have to use it.

10 - Cloud advertisements in real time in games.
Connor killed Vicar Abbott, DRINK PEPSI.

11 - Ginormous ugly console.
Well, it is. Of course revisions will come, but, a little effort on the design would be nice.

12 - Treating gamers like stupid sheep overall.
Using Gametrailers to do Damage Control after the Reveal event went bad, that is cheap. Keeping world domination level of secrets under the curtains (like the ones above), that is very cheap. MS is about to get the surprise of a lifetime if they think we are that stupid.