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Wagner Paiva Fernandes's blog

10:35 AM on 09.03.2014

A little less hipocrisy: the Zoey Quinn Kotaku scandal.

A little less hipocrisy: the Zoey Quinn Kotaku scandal. So I just read this Original article: ------------------ Link:   read

3:02 PM on 08.17.2014

Bioware sexual preferences patches and packs: a sugestion.

So, as all of us know, Bioware new gay manifesto is set to release soon: Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. Just kidding, but, yes, there is some controversy over the homossexual romance in Dragon Age 3. Most of it comes from the ...   read

3:51 AM on 05.14.2014

The Top 11 best internet reviewers.

The best internet reviewers. Who are the best and most talented internet reviewers?  I made a video honoring the guys I like the most, these are the ones I watch again and again and are always fun (or funny). Also, sorry abo...   read

1:38 PM on 05.12.2014

Insider News: INDIE COMUNITY IN LOVE WITH SONY. 500k for a Indie in PSPLUS.

Insider News: INDIE COMUNITY IN LOVE WITH SONY: Japanese giant offered 500k dollars to small indie studio for their indie title to be on PSN+ for a month. Will port the game FOR FREE on PS4 and Vita. What a deal, this is reas...   read

2:07 AM on 03.19.2014

Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes (PS4) Review

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes (PS4) US$ 29,90 (Digital). First of all, I bought my copy on PSN (PS4), for about 30 dollars, it is a nice deal because the physical copy costs up to 100 dollars here in Brazil. Althought I o...   read

2:13 PM on 03.16.2014

Outlast (PS4) and the future of horror gaming.

So, I have been playing Outlast since yesterday, because it came free with Psn Plus for the PS4. You play as a journalist WITH NO GUN that investigates a Insane personīs hospital called Asylum whatever. That is not important...   read

11:47 AM on 02.20.2014

Xbox Fitness on Xbox One is DOWN, Server error.

Xbox Fitness on Xbox One is DOWN, Server error. Since yesterday we cannot acess the Fitness app on Xbox One. Trying to workout since yesterday and it seems the app do not work at all on XBOX ONE. MS knows about it, as it sh...   read

7:27 PM on 06.17.2013

The tale of Jane Consumer, Cliff Xbox and Bob Playstation.

Bob Playstation loves Jane Consumer, he wants to treat her right, to have a relationship, maybe kids. But Jane Consumer loves Cliff Xbox, he is tall, drives a big flashy car and he is also american, Bob is a asian kid and h...   read

8:37 PM on 06.14.2013

THE LAST OF US: Best game I have played in my life.

THE LAST OF US: Best game I have played in my life. I am one hour in, I laughed, I have smiled, I cried, got scared, I CARED, I had fun, I have felt a rush, I ran for my life, I AM IN LOVE. THE LAST OF US arrived today in th...   read

11:13 AM on 05.27.2013

Microsoft lost, and I will tell why.

TV, Sports, Adertisements, Fees and secrets all around.  Microsoft is in a world of trouble if they think their strategy is going to work, and I will tell why. I have a XBOX360 and I am also only buying the PS4 in this hollyd...   read

9:49 AM on 05.20.2013

You give BRAZIL a bad name: how imature brazilian gamers are ruining it for all

Reports are appearing in several media outlets across the country: the online brazilian gamer behavior is irritating the rest of the world. Some brazilians act like beggars on games like DAY-Z or Dota, with the catch phrase...   read

3:35 PM on 04.11.2013

The WiiU is selling, WITHOUT games.

The WiiU is selling, WITHOUT games. Well, not really, there was LEGO CITY. But wait, since when a Lego game is a system seller? Never happened before, maybe GTA and Final Fantasy, but, LEGO? But the console is getting pr...   read

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