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    A little less hipocrisy: the Zoey Quinn Kotaku scandal.

    So I just read this Original article:

    More than 2,000 Developers Sign Letter Calling for the End of Intolerance, Hate Speech1 by William D'Angelo, posted 5 hours ago / 1,443 Views 
    More than 2,000 developers from dozens of studios have signed an open letter to the gaming community asking for the end of intolerance seen on social media sites, YouTube and Twitch. The letter asks if anyone sees any threats to report them on the respective website.
    "We believe that everyone, no matter what gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or disability has the right to play games, criticize games and make games without getting harassed or threatened. It is the diversity of our community that allows games to flourish."
    "If you see threats of violence or harm in comments on Steam, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook or reddit, please take a minute to report them on the respective sites."
    "If you see hateful, harassing speech, take a public stand against it and make the gaming community a more enjoyable space to be in."
    The developers who have signed the open letter work for Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Electronic Arts, BioWare, Riot Games, Ubisoft, Blizzard, 2K, Apple, Epic, and dozens of others.

    Link: http://www.vgchartz.com/article/251820/more-than-2000-developers-sign-letter-calling-for-the-end-of-intolerance-hate-speech/#comments

     How about a little less hipocrisy for once?

    Think about the timming of this thing... This is probably all about Zoe Quinn and Kotaku.
    And Kotaku is the king of hipocrisy and smart-ass journalism, so, letīs call a spade a spade for a change?
    There is a rumor that a female dev named Zoe Quinn had sex with a journalist from Kotaku to promote her game/career. 

    Other "sources" stated that it was more than one journalist of more than one website (this part is likely a nasty lie).

    Rumor has it that after the thing went public, Kotaku created a lot of iniciatives to get their staff off the hook, including this anti-hate thing.

    This is what it is all about. If it is true, I do not know, but that is the deal.
    They say her boyfriend spread the news or something, out of jealousy I guess.
    Granted, this can all be a lie said by a angry ex-boyfriend, but in that case, why Kotaku did not give Zoey the floor to express herself and tell the true?

    This is all to not call Kotaku what they seem to be in the story: a bunch of unethical journalists that trade favors for press. How dumb are we? Or, at least, how dumb do they think we are?

    If the Kotaku people screwed and did this thing, just fire them and hire new staff, simples as that. If they did not, just state it.
    And I donīt even think this is about just one dev girl.

    If the industry reacted like that, it is probably because this kind of thing is wide spread and probably involves much more than sex, things like money, gifts and things like that.
    Seems to me that the industry could be afraid that we will find out how promiscuous they really are.

    So, as all of us know, Bioware new gay manifesto is set to release soon: Dragon Age 3: Inquisition.

    Just kidding, but, yes, there is some controversy over the homossexual romance in Dragon Age 3.
    Most of it comes from the worries that the thing could not be present in this release (minorities are vocal and homossexuality is in fashion these days), which is already confirmed that will not be the case, meaning: there will be homossexual romance in Dragon Age 3.

    I donīt care that much, and I guess it is cool for a homossexual to see his preference in a game, it would be a little bitter for some to not have it, I guess. So it is cool.
    However, it is a pain that some trophies are attached to homossexual events, cause I enjoy trophies but do not enjoy acting like a homossexual in a video game, or in real life, for that matter. Just the way I have been made I guess.

    Well, with all this, my idea and suggestion is the following: there will be a standart version of the game, the game on the disk, and, the most niche options would be avaliable as a paid patch, it has to be paid so people have to do some effort to get this thing.
    Here it goes:

    - Standart version: Just like Dragon Age 1 and 2: hetero and homossexual romance and, eventually, sex, avaliable. No extra cost.

    - Straight as a arrow: Only heterossexual romance and sex. No need to marry before sex. Price: US$0.99

    - Old fashioned Church person: Only heterossexual romance and you have to marry before having sex. Price: US$0.99 (I would buy this, as I am a old fashioned church person myself).

    - Born this way, canīt help it: Only homossexual romance and sex, but with a lot of dignity. Price: US$0.99

    - Merry men of Sodom and Gomorrah: Both hetero and homossexual sex. Also, there is a gay pride parade in every town after you complete all the quests. In this event you can romance a random NPC, but you only have 5 chances to figure it out which one is interested in you. Price: US$0.99

    - All out, no bars hold: Same as Merry men of..., plus, some orgies spread through the game, if you can find it. Price: US$ 1,49.

    - Man of Sin, crazy sex addict: All the features of the Merry men of Sodom and Gomorrah package, plus, you can have sex with all NPCs, animals and even enemies. Price: US$ 1.99

    - Old hollywood package: Just heterossexual romance, ending with a kiss. No sex.

    - No nothing: no sex or romance whatsoever. Price: US$: 0.99.

    So, what do you guys think? (By the way, it is a joke of course, gamers would hate this... =D )

    The best internet reviewers.

    Who are the best and most talented internet reviewers?  I made a video honoring the guys I like the most, these are the ones I watch again and again and are always fun (or funny).
    Also, sorry about the video, some Dtoid people warned me about using this media on blogs, so, this is the last one, I promisse.

    Anyway, check it out.

    Do you agree with the list? Who are you favorites?

    Japanese giant offered 500k dollars to small indie studio for their indie title to be on PSN+ for a month.
    Will port the game FOR FREE on PS4 and Vita.
    What a deal, this is reason enough for indies everywhere to flock into the PS4 train, I wonder how this will affect game releases in 2014 and 2015.
    I for one am very happy about it since I love horror games and indies can do stuff that AAA titles cannot afford to in terms of risk.
    No doubt that Nintendo and MS will try to catch up, which is even better for us gamers! Good times ahead I guess.

    Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes (PS4) US$ 29,90 (Digital).

    First of all, I bought my copy on PSN (PS4), for about 30 dollars, it is a nice deal because the physical copy costs up to 100 dollars here in Brazil. Althought I own all consoles, I went with the PS4 version since sony is nice enough to give me free indie games in the PSN PLUS program, we got to give back some love to them for that.

    Well, now, the game.
    I REALLY REALLY really loved!
    It is the kind of game I can play 20, 30 times and try diferent aproaches in every play session, I am so in love with MGS5 GZ, what a masterpiece, AMAZING!

    I took 93 minutes to clear the Ground Zeroes mission, but I was really really sloppy, got caught a bunch of times and died, did some Rambo shit too, killed a lot of soldiers...

    I think that doing a ninja play session would take a lot longer, like 3 or 4 hours, and also there is a lot of hidden stuff and eye candy that I ignored to make this time.

    It feels like a old school NES game somehow, I canīt explain! But also, it feels like a MGS game, it is so freaking fun, I canīt stop playing!

    My final thoughts? Kojima is a freaking genious, this game is a piece of heaven, but I donīt know how much of the new generation gamers can understand itīs appeal and flavor. I really hope they get it, because this is just amazing video game right here, everyone should taste it.

    MGS5 GZ is the coolest PS4 game yet!
    There are still some missions to go, I will play them tomorrow. I still think the same: althought it can be played (in a sloppy way) in 4 or 5 hours (every mission counts), this game is much more fun than anything the west have been shoving down our throats as "30 hours games".
    Who cares if it is short? If it is fun as this, I will play till my fingers bleed. And if it is boring, then 1 hour is way too long.
    That said, to complete everything and get good enough to achieve everything would definitely take 20 hours or more. Heck, to gamers like me is more like infinite hours, since I am not that good...
    By the way, I realize that this review sounds biased, but that what happens when a game make us fall in love with it, reason goes away. I missed that in video games, thank you mr. Hideo Kojima, for bringing it back to gaming.

    Final Score:
    Graphics: 10/10.
    Gameplay: 10/10.
    Story: 10/10.
    Sound: 10/10.
    Final Score: 10/10.

    So, I have been playing Outlast since yesterday, because it came free with Psn Plus for the PS4.

    You play as a journalist WITH NO GUN that investigates a Insane personīs hospital called Asylum whatever. That is not important.

    The important part is that you have a very cool video camera and document whatever you want, to expose the evidence. You can turn the camera on, off and use infrared lenses to see in the dark. The camera uses batteries that go out with time and managing that is part of the experience.

    What I love in OUTLAST is that you are not suppose to fight, heck, you donīt even have a fight button, all you can do is experience and document with the camera, Run, Hide and Die. That is it.

    This creates a amazing, unique and VERY SATISFYING horror game, like nothing else in the console market really.
    The game is amazing, the graphics, actually quite good, althought I know a lot of people said they were bad.
    I got really scared a lot of times playing, not only because of set pieces, but because of the mood, atmosphere and overall experience, this is the Horror I crave for in games!

    That said, I know there are many games like that on Steam and very few on consoles. My question is: why?

    We obviously proved that we crave for this games, see ZombiU on WiiU, it sold 700k, which is a 15% install base penetration.
    Of course horror will never sell 10 ou 20 million, but Outlast proves it doesnīt have to cost that much, it only needs good ideas and careful execution.
    Well, I say: let the indies bring their horror games to the consoles, a lot of people, me included, hate to game on PC, and with Sony policy of self publishing, there is no reason for us to have horror games droughts anymore.

    Donīt Starve (PS4) and Lone Survivor (PS3 - Vita) are cool introductions to the genre too.
    Also, MS should change their policies, Sony is kicking their asses with the Indies, there are tons of cool indie titles on PSN for Vita, PS3 and even for the newborn baby PS4.

    The future of horror is console indie games, and I for one am very happy about it!

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