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Waffleman avatar 10:12 AM on 11.25.2009  (server time)

Before you read any further please go to this post and watch the video. Done? Okay.

I've been pretty blase about the latest Final Fantasy's over the last five years, or however long it's been in development, the last FF I cared about was the Tactics port for the PSP. But watching this trailer, it just infuriated me profusely. That cookie cutter anime-bullshit, how is that supposed to interest anyone? As a trailer it fails it's purpose, it turned me from indifferent to antagonistic towards what it advertised. Though it's not so much the trailers fault as much as the products. It just comes off as a bad summer blockbuster movie, big and loud, uninspiring, generic... but made by the Japanese. Even without subtitles or voice-overs I can figure out many of the scenes that will play out, it's just so predictable. While overarching story, design and character may differ from game to game the genre is so bogged down in tropes that they become all become so interchangeable and uninteresting.

I think that this trailer truly symbolizes how Final Fantasy-series and Japanese role-playing games in general has gone wrong. Style over substance, antiquated and un-interactive battle-systems, generic and predictable stories (tradition isn't an excuse), unlikable and one-dimensional characters and overly and just plain bad designs. A lot of you weeaboos probably think the Japanese as the masterrace and that they can do no wrong and you "curse the roundness of your eyes" to quote a dice game. Square-Enix are just bad at design, the trend has been a shift from, while certainly anime-influenced, mostly fantasy-based to wholehearted anime-inspiration. It's seems ever since Yoshitaka Amano jumped ship after FF7 and was replaced by Tetsuya "belts and zippers" Nomura design in RPG games have been in general shit. Christ just look what happened to Phantasy Star.

Honestly which is the cooler one?... and if you answer the one on the right you're wrong.
Do you know how I learned that the Japanese can hold bad opinions just as westerns? When I read the fanvoted list of top ten favorite RPGs. Final Fantasy X at number one... are you serious? Perhaps the single worst Final Fantasy game after 8 is voted number one... I mean for gods sake Kingdom Hearts II is four slots above Chrono Trigger. It's was just so disappointing, here I thought the Japanese knew a good game from a bad onem but just comes to show that westerners doesn't have exclusivity to be wrong about games. It's same way I realized how sexualized or society is: I was sitting in a hamburger diner while MTV was on a TV and a big black woman was shaking her ass in skimpy clothing and I just felt that it was something that I wouldn't want anyone to walk in on me watching.

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