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WTF Joel avatar 4:53 PM on 04.25.2008  (server time)
FNF - TF2: Night At the Movies

Hello good people.

Team Fortress 2:

If the server is full up, then locate yourself onto the Spill-Over Server, information on that below.

Tonight We will be trying new maps :D I suggest you download from the following links, because they are fairly large in size.

Tonight we will be playing;

cp_warpath2 - It changes some textures. Fixes the spawn timers, and doors at the center point. It also adds a working ladder where the annoying stone step stones were at the second point.

cp_aqua - A new underwater map, set up like dustbowl, only with 2 stages instead of 3. There is a Bioshock reference in the map, 10 points to who spots it first! :D

cp_studio_rc4 - A movie set type map, where there are various tf2 characters acting the roles of movies you might know. :D

Join our FORUMS if you have not yet! :D

And now, a side of copy pasta with your internets.

UPDATED - Map pack can be downloaded here.

Again, if you would like to get placed on the reserved slot list for dtoid readers, please POST YOUR STEAMID HERE. Your reserved slot is a privilege, not a right, and asshattery will get it revoked.

Time: 8pm Central
Server: - TF2 - Pew Pew Pew
Password: alsococks

Spill-Over Server:

Server: [EBA] Clan Server - Spastic Fun!
Password: N/A

Spillover Instructions:

1) Join the overflow server

2) Open the server browser menu, double click on the destructoid server and click ‘auto-retry’ and then click ‘join as soon as a slot is available’

3) Hit Esc to close the menus, this will allow you to continue to play TF2 with other dtoiders while you wait for a slot in the main server to open.

That's it, see yas there.

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