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WTF Joel's blog

4:03 PM on 02.23.2008

Random TF2 Video is Random

Here is the random video I said we were also working on at the time I released 300 Medics. It is just what the title says, a bunch of random stuff we did in Tf2, good times. This time I actually do have a stage6 version coming, last upload didn't work, this one is, just wait for it =p


On a side note, I am interested in making more videos, but my filming skills are not the best, and I am short on ideas. If you are interested in helping then say so here, cause its like... fun, and stuff. <3   read

10:44 PM on 02.09.2008

Epic TF2 Machinema

So I got the idea for this just randomly during last FNF over on the Destructoid TF2 server. So, after getting somewhat arranged, I hopped into the spec box and starting recording and barking orders. After a full day of editing, along with the voice acting of myself, CaffeinePowered, Kor, and Exanimo, I created this short, yet epic 300 spoof thing. I am working on the higher quality and better looking Stage6 right now, but to tide you, and the ever nagging Caff over, here is the lower quality youtube version. I know that I didn't list all the people from the server but there was just too many, so if you want to say your piece to let everyone know you were in this, go for it.

[embed]69495:7811[/embed]   read

7:17 PM on 02.07.2008

Epic TF2 Wallpapers are Epic

I ask you, what is a gamer to do when he is sick and tired of being tired and sick? Why spend the entire day on photoshop! Yea... Anyway, came up with the idea last night after making the engineer wallpaper, to make one for all the classes using only images from my screenshot folder. These are the results for Dtoid's viewing pleasure. Hope some of you get use out of them.

There is 2 versions of each class. One with the TF2 logo and the class name, and one without. They are all widescreen.. sorry about that, but thats the way I run my game. >.>
And for those who are not smart enough, clicking the small thumbnails at the very bottom of the post gives you the full sized versions.

Teh Wallpapers:

Yay o.o   read

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