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Vrynix's blog

8:57 AM on 10.30.2008

The Iron Law (read: Guideline) of Release Dates

After all the news recently, Australia doesn’t seem such a bad place to live in. Yes they have an issue with games classification, but that will be rectified eventually. But the game shop magnets in Australia seem to have the...   read

10:26 AM on 10.26.2008

The good the bad and the patches….Oh, the patches…

Games are a dynamic being, they have been since they’ve been able to have access to the internet. But quite recently, it’s gotten ridiculous. Especially in ways of the patching culture. It used to be, that a good game was sim...   read

1:55 PM on 10.24.2008

Monkey see, (M)MOnkey do...

I’d like to talk about a problem in the industry, that is also a benefit. As always the case, it’s just how you look at it. I’m talking about the ‘monkey see, monkey do’ attitude that has been spreading like pneumonia. The cu...   read

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