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...kinda. So, there's this show on YT called Continue? that has a podcast that is essentially a book club for games, and this month's game is Earthbound. I decided to join in and thought it'd be cool if I named all my characters after Dtoid people. Leading this band of merry men is G0bun, along with his three friends Holly Green, Mr. Andy Dixon, and Xzyliac, with his dog, Einstein (aka the name of Dale North's corgi) not far behind.

If you wanna follow along on their journey, I livetweet whenever I'm playing it. Follow me (@VoltySquirrel), or don't. I don't really care either way. I may end up taking all this shit and turning it into a cblog when it's all over and done with, or I might just make cblogs as I go along. Either way, I'm doing it. Follow along. Or don't.

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