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A couple hours ago, I said to myself, "Fuck this. Fuck this shit." Why? Well, just before I said that, I have spent 30 minutes trying very unsuccessfully to buy Battlefield 3, and every second of failure was EA's fault.

It started off with me just trying download the installer. On a typical website, finding the place where I can download you software is easy, but were dealing with Origin here. You see, Origin loves to region lock you. This isn't an issue for most people, but most people don't live in a country that speaks a different language, like me. Well no problem, right? They just has to be some way to change the language to English. Wrong, you forgot who were talking about. So now I'm stuck with Japanese. I finally found the damn thing after 10 minutes of mindless link clicking. No matter, the worst is over, yes?

No. Then, I tried to login to it, and it told me I had to reverify my account. Fine, fair enough. Didn't take too long. So then I attempted to log in. It did fine. Then it makes me sync my friend with Facebook, XBL, and PSN. Frankly, I don't give a shit, but whatever. Did that, no friends popped up. Finally it's over, and I kicked to offline mode. Restart. login. Offline. Repeat 2 more times and now you are fucking pissed. So, I decided to reset my password. Fine. I did that, and for some reason, EA didn't want to kick me of immediately after I signed in.

It's over. I can now purchase Battlefield 3 and fell all good insi-

MOTHERFUCKER! Not only is it still in Japanese, but they expect me to spend 6,600 yen? Fuck you. For the uninformed, 6,600 yen is $82.50, and there is no option to buy the regular version. That awesome sale with all the games at 5 bucks? Nonexistent. Fuck this, uninstalled. Fuck you EA, fuck you Origin, fuck you John Riccitiello, and fuck me for thinking you were anything less than retarded.

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