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11:44 AM on 03.26.2012

I have a habit of compulsively checking fighting game site EventHubs. While itís got the expected guides and combo videos, itís also a repository for funny, cool, and informative content. (Have you SEEN some of Deskís videos? He recreated Evo Moment #37 with one hand! Heís obviously a warlock!) But as of late, Iíve been going to the site to see if anybody posts music from the new kid on the block, Street Fighter X Tekken.

Some of the songs, Iíll admit, donít do it for me. Theyíre not awful, but they just leave me feeling kind of ďmeh.Ē I do like the Blast Furnace and Pandoraís Box stage themes, though. And there are others, like the Tekken Tag remix and a metal version of Akumaís theme, that have been bookmarked in my browser (and my heart). But as I loaded up the site and caught wind of Mega Manís uploaded theme, it sparked an unusual reaction.

ďOh, hey, itís a remix of Cut Manís theme,Ē I said to myself. It wasnít until the song ended that I asked myself: ďWait. How the hell did I know that?Ē

I was a Sega kid growing up. I never got to play the original Mega Man games. Or any Mega Man game, for that matter; it wasnít until Mega Man X: Command Mission came out on the GameCube about seven years ago that I owned my first Mega-game. I hadnít blown countless hours trying to memorize a stage or clear a tricky jump; the only way Iíd heard the music was on YouTube. And yet, almost instantaneously, I picked out the song even in remixed form. How? Why?

I guess itís just a really memorable song.

Lots of video game songs are. If they werenít, why would a site like OverClocked Remix exist? Theyíre a part of the package, of course; nothing like a sweet song to shape your emotions. Fear, sadness, or just plain getting hyped -- thereís a lot out there. Iím no stranger to the works of Daisuke Ishiwatari, the metal-pandering composer behind Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. So many of his songs are memorable and awe-inspiring, youíd think he could channel the spirits of all the worldís late, greatest composers (and give them a crash course on rockiní out).

Which brings me here to the Destructoid community blogs. See, while I like and appreciate video game music, my knowledge of terrific tracks is a littleÖwell, one-sided. I know a lot of songs, but the problem is that theyíre songs from Japanese games; hardly befitting of a market with a western bent. Call me an old man if you will, but thatís where my proficiency lies. But I want to take steps to try and move past that.

Originally, this post was going to be about how western-developed games have no good music, but that would be a stupid post. I know thereís some good stuff out there; Haloís ďUnforgottenĒ is utterly amazing, and there are a few songs from Gears of War and Assassinís Creed that Iíve come to like. The problem is that I donít really know them by name, or can distinguish them as easily as I could, say, Hugoís Street Fighter III theme (The Circuit) and the Hell Mountain theme from Fighterís Destiny (oh JAM! Old-school reference!). I was about to make a blanket statement that ďlol all western games have orchestral music straight outta Hollywood, therefore they must suck,Ē but at the risk of igniting a flame war Iíll hold off. Consider this a way to branch out.

So I ask you, noble Dtoiders: what music do you find memorable? Eastern, western, trans-dimensional, what have you; if it had an impact on you, talk away. Iím willing to learn, and Iíd like to see what the rest of you have to say on the subject. Your thoughts on game music? Your defense of your favorite composer/camp? Comments on the preponderance of remixes from eastern games and a dearth in western ones? I want to hear it -- and Iím ready to put YouTube through its paces.

Well technically, I already am. Iím listening to music from Fighterís Destiny right now. KNOCKDOWN! THREE POINTS WON!
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