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Just like everyone else out there we've all been prevue to some awesome development: Ouya. The idea behind this project is to bring mobile gaming home. However the general populace thinks of Angry Birds, not awesome projects like Shadowgun or worse yet even if they have heard of Shadowgun they don't realize any difference between what they're playing and the enhanced version of what they could be playing. Still even then are there any games solely developed for Tegra 3, and not held back by developing a multiple version? The beast on which this system will rely: Tegra 3 can be best described as something which could put graphics engines on current consoles into shock. The Xbox 360 for instance has a 500Mhz Graphics card, the Wii has a 250Mhz, and the PS3 has a 550Mhz Graphics card. The Tegra 3 1.5Ghz the Ouya is running is a quad-core processor. I don't know if you like gang bangs but Ouya could punch all three consoles in the face and have it's way with them not once but multiple times.


This thing has LPDDR2 1 gig ram which in essence is a pure punch in the proverbial ball sack of the current gen games.

Downfall: So there has got to be something bad right it's just playing mobile games after all, and you would be correct. Unfortunately it's using the Tegra 3 purely as a processor not a dedicated graphics powerhouse. Which in this area the Ouya would be the one on the receiving end of a gangbang, well everyone except probably the Wii. Wii is still somehow the bitch of the group.

Lets not get retarded and think Ouya is only a emulating device, that is such an utterly limited scope of mind considering all the various possibles, limited space has been mentioned...it has a 2.0 USB port what limited space, hook up a terabyte hard drive if it concerns you.

The possibles are endless, but for those seeking a more traditional gaming experience I point out over a hundred games comes to mind for $9.99.

Ultimately the idea is sound so keep it in mind the next time your going for a new console. This generation might not be huge, but as consumers replace their next gen consoles with android games it becomes all the more possible for Nvidia to advance mobile technology.


OUYA’s specs

Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor
8GB on-board flash storage
HDMI connection to the TV at 1080p HD
WiFi 802.11bgn
Bluetooth LE 4.0
Enclosure opens with standard screws

Wireless controller with 2.4GHz RF
Standard game controls (two analog sticks, D-pad, eight action buttons, a system button)
Touchpad for porting mobile games more easily
2x AA batteries
Enclosure opens with standard screws

OS and Software:
Android 4.0
Custom TV UI
Integrated custom game store — find and download games (and other apps)
Includes SDK for game development
Ability to root device without voiding warranty

According to Jim of Dtoid fame, it would be in Sony's best interest to cultivate better relationships with publishers/developers to better their ability to prevent hacking, and to allow the PSN to become a competitor with Xbox 360. U

According to Noctis Everto a user of Infinity's Forums, a new exploit for (guess what system) Modern Warfare 2 has been discovered and not the kind of discovered like "ooohhh cool", but more like the "ooohh shit" kind. When in a Hardcore SnD game the clan (SC) found tenth prestiges who immediately allowed themselves to be pummeled. At the end of the match they were greeted with the witty remark of "AWW look at the level 1's". They realized that each time they killed one of these 10th presiguers they ended up losing tons of XP unfortunately they didn't realize it till the game was over and their ranks had reset to rank 1. Ben

Again the Xbox360 raped another victim. According to Jim, this kind of thing is common to PSN since Sony doesn't take a progressive stance against such measures. What he doesn't make you aware of is that Xbox360 is a cesspool of hacking depravity. In essence Jim gave a pat to the back of a dirty whore who is so full of the venereal disease, that she turned down cock, and was immediately deemed a princess of virtue. Tr

Xbox360 has reached a point of no return, it has become actively modifiable from outside sources due to soldering kits and pirating modification. Many are now programing directly from PC to Xbox360. Xbox360 is now as safe as a game on PC, highly vulnerable. It was only a matter of time, since gaming has moved from PC to Console so have the cheats, hacks, and pirates. This is the NEW GENERATION. oll

As evident to this link: http://www.xboxscene.com/

So what makes the PS3 so much safer you ask? Xbox360 as you may have heard is easier for Developers to create games on. Well this same thing is why hacking is becoming so prevalent and wide spread on Xbox360. The PS3 uses a different architecture altogether along with a totally different programing language, hindering the mass of rabble out there who want to ruin your gaming experience. So I ask you which is more competitive? ed

4:38 PM on 01.05.2010

Sometimes you see a flashing light in the shape of a square over an icon that has the letter A and think what the hell is that, then suddenly a voice is like move and capture A, not a human voice but an automated voice. Even more confusing, text begins to pop up on the top of the screen saying Capture A, and your all like: ignore. As you proceed to do your own thing, scurrying to the closest bush to lay prone and sniping off people as they attempt to retake A. Far far away, sits' a gaggle of five other privates who also think they can do the same as you. You the master of the geek squad lays out your way of thinking over the airwaves.

Ok anyone seen this picture over and over?

Look I'm not very experienced only level 21 with four Grim Reaper ribbons, but somehow no one can put together any inkling of thoughts or actions to form a decent meaningful plan, and I'm hoping to up some knowledge to anyone out there who is having issues.

I just have two things of advice:

FARGO: Who cares what it means, what it truly means is extra points. Every time you do anything within distance of a FARGO (flashing light icon) you gain more points. I can't remember exactly but I think it literally doubles all points. You might think whooptie I want kills, well your score effects your experience points. You can stay level 1 forever or you can move up to level 20 really quick.

SQUAD LEADERS: Squad leaders can change the FARGO meaning if you see the flashing light somewhere else that's where you need to go in order to get double points. They also provide bonuses, I can't even remember what they all do but they are pretty impressive, all you have to do is go into barracks to check them out for yourself what they all do.

It's these two mere simple influences on the game that should be getting people to work together more. However it's as if everyone is completely oblivious to these notions, despite the Training section telling people what everything is and what it does. It should be FORCE reading, I know something beyond the means of most to accomplish but it would truly help.

Ask me your questions and I will answer them.

I just had to post this, this has to be the most wild description of Uncharted 2 I've ever heard. At no point does it describe gameplay, mechanics, or anything else that a normal magazine might tell you about Uncharted. Instead it tells you 6 reasons why Uncharted 2 will ruin sex for you.

Uncharted 2 is just like playing the Indiana Jones trilogy

It’s been proven (albeit not scientifically) that the first three Indiana Jones movies, when watched consecutively without interruption, is easily better than anything else in the world. Except maybe, arguably, the first three Star Wars movies. Even the most mind-blowing, earth shattering sex has trouble rivaling six hours of watching Han Solo run around beating up Nazis, teaming up with ethnic sidekicks and overall being a giant badass while saving invaluable treasures from greedy assholes. Also, toss Sean Connery into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for obtaining nirvana that doesn’t involve lifetimes of reincarnation or ever being a morally righteous person.

Uncharted 2 is one battered fedora and leather bull whip from being the perfect Indiana Jones video game. It has car chases, sacred treasures, ancient curses, sexy love interests and a protagonist with the same bad-boy charisma that Harrison Ford had before movies like the aptly named Hollywood Homicide put a knife in his acting career. The big difference, though, is that while Indiana Jones is an exclusively visual experience, Uncharted 2 is an entirely interactive one.

The best analogy would be pornography. Porn is fun to watch, but sex is better because you are an actual participant in the act. Subsequently, if Indiana Jones is already better than sex, you can probably figure out just how many boxes of tissue you’ll need before you reach the end of Uncharted 2. Hint: it’s a lot.

Continue at the link ->
Source: http://www.collegenews.com/index.php?/article/6_reasons_why_uncharted_2_will_ruin_sex_for_you_7486/

As we already know from this Dtoid video, sometimes you just have to get nude.


However what about nudity for a men's magazine, Playboy for instance? I'm not sure, it seems odd to me that money exchanged hands for virtual nudity. What about Princess Peach's peach? Where is the limit? Do we just sell the bodies of all the girls in games because they have no opinion or ability to reject it? On the other hand do I truly care that there is a little more nudity in the world? I'm not sure, how can we take the video game industry seriously when it keeps taking it's clothes off. That would be like the news lady stripping down as she's talking about the mass murder of the day. It just leaves you confused. How about a male doctor who does surgery in the buff, you would look at him like he's freaking nuts.

I donno what is your opinion on this?

PLAYBOY 2010 January NSFW

White Knight has been out for quite a while now in Japan, yet we have so little information. What does exist is a constant pelvic thrust of the same old same old, an example of this can be seen below, vague mention of getting material online, and barely any explanation what for or what else there is. Here I'll explain what I know of what truly makes White Knight great, the online portion.

The online is where it's at, if you've ever played Phantasy Star Universe it's much like that except free. Cause who with any sense would pay for an MMO that was limited to six players anyway, let alone call it an MMO?

Geonet handles the online portion of White Knight Chronicles, with Level-5's system being much like the old Phantasy Star Online, allowing people to gather up in groups of 4 and quest together. A lot of equipment can only be gathered in the online portion allowing you to transfer this gear to your single player game.

How does Geonet work?

Have you played Metal Gear Solid 4? Much like that it uses sort of the KONAMI ID system, if you don't know what I'm talking about. Basically you have to sign up for another sort of PSN, except this is called a GeoNet ID, it will link your PSN account to your GeoNet ID.

Why do I want a GeoNet ID?

With GeoNet you can create a homepage, send messages via GeoMail, take in game pictures, accept party invitations, and even set up your very own blog. Also there is a store that sells cosmetic things for your characters, lets say for example rabbit ears for your character, sold in real money. So rabbit ears $1.99 or something (don't know exact prices).

Why is this RPG the one I want to watch?

Ok everyone loves different aspects, but many of our MMO generation, or even our fast paced FPS brethren, love to achieve whether it be the next level, next awesome weapon, or what have you. Level 5 allows the ultimate character customization from appearance to what armor and what sword they have. Ultimately we MMO players are truly vain, and this game appreciates that. I mean come on it's got a boob slider. Not only is the character highly customizable, but you can build your own lobby/city called a Georama. Very cool in my opinion, the ultimate in lobby functionality because not only can you chat here with up to 12 players using text (keyboard) or voice chat (international edition), but the shops and buildings you place here actually serve a purpose for other players. Unique NPCs can even be placed in your town when you find them via single player.

Another thing is unlike most games who continually charge you over and over for more content, Level 5 is giving away quests freely 50 via disc and have said, that the quests will never stop coming, now never is a long time but I assume there will be a lot. Now what other game comes with extra content already packed in and more said to be coming for free? Sounds like it's worth the disc price to me.

Though the true fun is the Online Quests. Gather three of your closest friends or even sole you can go to a Guild Hall where you do various quests to achieve rewards. Though these quests must be unlocked in order to play often through the Offline Mode (Single Player), by doing certain things or buying a license for the quests at shops. Also all you need is a single friend with a license for the quest in order to be able to play that quest with them. Geonet also allows a automatch system so no worries if you have no friends. Each time you beat a quest you get Guild Points, GP. GP are used to increase your Guild Rank, GR. As you level up you can attempt higher level quests and wear better gear. I'm unsure as to what other purpose GP has other than to gain higher GR, as of yet.

This custom character is the one that joins Leonard in single player, and is used when you go online.


Game releases on Feb 2nd, 2010.

Check out the following for more info.