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VitaminShoe avatar 12:14 PM on 02.20.2012  (server time)
Warhammer 40K - Space Marine

Alright so I figured I would give this game a shot when I saw it for 15 bucks the other week. I didn't know much about the series other than having heard its name a couple times and didn't really have much expectation for the title.

It plays pretty damn tightly with some fun weapons and satisfying melee combat. The pros of the title are strangely intertwined with the cons. Its as straight forward of a game as you can get.
The story is fine and passable if barely present, just enough for context but it doesn't really bog itself down in it or get too cheesy.
The shooting mechanics feel pretty tight though could maybe use a little more weight to the guns and how they feel when they strike a foe. The dive into a crowd and hack and smash approach feels fantastic and will be the go to way of fighting a lot of battles.
However the health system is a little annoying at times where you have to perform a finishing move on characters to regain health. This triggers different canned animations which are cool and vary depending on weapon and enemy type being killed however they also slow you down and allow baddies to surround and cheap shot you when you are most vulnerable. The game often brings lots of cheap deaths due to this being the only way to regain health which often turns into a mad attempt to string these kinds of kills together hoping you can regain health faster than it is ripped away.
Space Marine is a pretty repetitive affair but fun none the less it comes with a few frustrations but nothing a little patience can't overcome. Also the title is fairly short so it doesn't really have time to wear out its welcome, If it were any longer I'm sure I would have been anxious just to be done with its endless repetitive conflicts.
There are a couple of Boss moments which are actually kind of fun and mix up strategy however usually its your hulking Marine against waves of the same 4-5 different goblins.

The game itself isn't great looking with some muddy textures and most levels do little to differentiate themselves. It's not hideous just merely unmemorable and could use a little more color.

I'd say grab it if you want a mindless hack and slasher and can find it at a lower price I doubt I would recommend it at full fare. It does what it does pretty competently and some fun will be had from this well paced straight up action title.

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