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VitaminH avatar 5:50 AM on 05.07.2010  (server time)
The NYU Game Center made some games for you

The NYU Game Center recently commissioned three games and invited the public to check out the results. Should you decide to take them up on their generous offer, what can you expect to see? To answer that question, I journeyed far from my residence in Brooklyn to see what those crazy kids at NYU were up to. Here's what I found:

Raging Hadron is a two-player game with Atari 2600-esque graphics (which look much better than my crappy photo shows). Player one controls a blocky yellow guy who is pitted against his arch-nemesis, a blocky orange guy controlled by player two. The objective? Run past your opponent while stopping him from running past you. How do you stop your opponent? With the always popular options of swords and/or punching.

Bonus: You control your character using old-school NES controllers.

Extra bonus: When typing the name of this game, there is a good chance you will write "Raging Hard-on" instead.

Deep Sea eliminates the "video" from "video games" to provide you with a purely audio experience. Based on sounds you hear in the headphones, you maneuver through an underwater environment via joystick while wearing an awesome mask.

Bonus: You get to wear an awesome mask!

Extra bonus: Said awesome mask could possibly protect you from tear gas.

Recurse involves wildly flailing your body in front of a webcam for points. The camera projects a distorted image of you on a screen that has green areas and red areas. You earn points by moving your body in the green, and lose points for moving in the red. Hint 1: you can get more than one person in front of the camera at a time. Hint 2: I'm going to go out on a limb and assume this game is even more entertaining after a few drinks.

Bonus: You get to strike cool poses.

Extra bonus: The game records images of said cool poses for posterity and shows you one at the end of the game.

After checking out the exhibit, make sure you walk down the hall towards the bathroom. Why? Because you won't want to miss these:

The games will be on display through June 30. Who's going?

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