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VisMortua avatar 8:44 PM on 05.31.2008  (server time)
Do YOU have what it takes to be The Guy?

Retro Gamer?

.....If you enjoy the impossibilities of games based on assanine design, wonderfully repetitive learning curves, and a(n) awesome... 'storyline.' ;) Then this game you cannot live without, if you haven't played it as of yet, then I'm thinking that you haven't really lived to learn the frustrations and beauty of pure insanities poured on you like a honey pot of headaches. ..oh and if you don't throw your mouse at least once or twice, I would be suprised at your patience. Good luck and enjoy.

.....and Yes, it is free.

IWBTG! (I Wanna Be The Guy) <-- Download Game CLICK Here.

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