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8:44 PM on 05.31.2008

Do YOU have what it takes to be The Guy?

Retro Gamer?

.....If you enjoy the impossibilities of games based on assanine design, wonderfully repetitive learning curves, and a(n) awesome... 'storyline.' ;) Then this game you cannot live without, if you haven't played it as of yet, then I'm thinking that you haven't really lived to learn the frustrations and beauty of pure insanities poured on you like a honey pot of headaches. ..oh and if you don't throw your mouse at least once or twice, I would be suprised at your patience. Good luck and enjoy.

.....and Yes, it is free.

IWBTG! (I Wanna Be The Guy) <-- Download Game CLICK Here.

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6:08 PM on 05.31.2008

Just a thought...

.....Should actually title this: Dealing With Blatently Ignorant Parents

.....What do you do when you encounter idiocy over Live or any other internet related service? Now, I know what CAN be done, but what do people usually do? If you said: complain, whine, sue, cry, suicide, scream, blame others, blame the company. You would be correct, as in, at least one instance of incessant people bashing others online have resulted in one of the aforementioned.

.....Now, what CAN you do civilly? Mute, block, parental controls, discontinue service, put down the controller and walk away. You should NEVER feed these types of people ammunition by responding to their nuances. These type of people feel, 'powerful,' by putting people who can do nothing but push a little REPORT button (which you should Always do as well, it does work if they're consistantly moronic) in retaliation to their big talk.

.....You don't feel real to them, and you should treat them as such, as figments of reality. As is why they should all be ignored. These people are usually FRAIL, and TRIVIAL in their own life, therefore they must make others around them feel the same. Considering they're usually few in the mass of the collection you are with, make them what they are IN GAME without a word, and crush them with your fellow acolyte by teaming against them. Since they are so proving their own lack of self-worth, make their gaming skills the same. That is the real way to crush these insignificants.

.....We have the option few do, to make our world what we want of it. We are creating a haven for the true, the pro, the dedicated. We are a force unwielding, lets keep it what it should be: powerful and untainted. To the people who are the, 'emboldened,' ones? You're ruining the name of gaming, and you deserve nothing from any of us true gamers who are there to game, not to piss on the feet of our fellow gamers.

.....Most importantly when it is a kid saying things only due to the distance or illusion of safety and he steps on the wrong foot, the parents like to blame anyone but their sweet little angel. You ignorant people don't deserve the label of a MOTHER or FATHER! Take the blame, take responsibility for your lack of actions to prevent your child from the ability to be such a sad individual!

.....The point of all this, America has a huge lack of taking actual RESPONSIBILITY for their own faults. Or even MAKING someone take responsibility. If you raised a MORON for a CHILD then YOU yourself need to take responsibility just as you would if you made the mistake yourself.

/initialize embarassing beating
/laugh maniacally
/walk away silently
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