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Virtualgirl avatar 8:27 AM on 04.30.2008  (server time)
Not Everyone Loves GTA - Interview with the Parents Television Council

See guys! I am trying to stop back in more, even if it is to share some of my stuff from over at GI. I posted this yesterday and thought you guys might be interested. If I am going to get a wide array of comical opinions on the subject matter anywhere, it will be here. If you have a chance to read the interview let me know what you think!

Press Release
PTC Puts Grand Theft Auto IV Retailers on Notice
Retailers Must Keep Adult-Themed Video Game Away from Children

LOS ANGELES (April 23, 2008) – With the next installment of the violently graphic Grand Theft Auto video game set to be released next week, the Parents Television Council™ called for retailers to keep the game away from children.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City, rated ‘M’ (Mature), is set for release April 29. The Grand Theft Auto games include constant graphic violence and sexual situations. In past versions, players could re-enact having sex with a prostitute, beating her bloody, taking her money and running her over with a car; shooting at police officers; and, by using a code easily accessible on many internet sites, having a realistic sexual encounter on screen -- complete with audio commentary. This modification in the 2005 game was not disclosed to the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) when they classified the game M, which carried a suggested age of 17 and up for purchase.

“This brutally violent video game must be kept out of the hands of children, and we are calling on all major retailers to reconsider any decisions to sell this game. Since the first version was released in 1997, the Grand Theft Auto series has lowered the bar for graphic and grotesque video game content,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

While most of us are in a euphoric haze from playing GTA IV, it can be easy to forget that not everyone is excited about the release of Rockstar’s hit. I had a chance to chat with the Parents Television council – the organization responsible for the above press release – and talk about the game, the role of parents in keeping Mature titles out of their kids hands, and the legislative plans of the PTC. If you have some time on your hands, check it out . I will admit the interview is lengthy, but the interview provides insight into a group of activists we don’t always go out of our way to understand. Unlike the above press release, the conversation was calm, collected and lacked the media hype we often see in debates of this nature.

I am very interested in hearing your feedback on the clarified stance of the PTC. Did you find their arguments to be rational and reasonable? Do you still feel that groups like these are speaking on a subject matter they don’t engross themselves enough in to understand?

Share your thoughts!

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