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My Short Bio: I work for Game Informer Online by day, read comics at night, and parade around in costumes on the weekend. I also love Destructoid.

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6:47 PM on 02.27.2008

I know I have not been around a ton lately due to the launch of GEN, but I the NARParty reminded me how much I love and miss the insanity that is Destructoid. It was awesome to see everyone and I am going to try my best to keep active on the site again! Until then, I have some fantastic news that I wanted to share with you all

As some of you may know, I just graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Graphic Design and a minor in journalism and mass communications. Over the last few years I realized that my passion for video games would not be satisfied if I did not work in the industry in one way or another. After graduating, I started the job hunt in Minnesota. Being that there are only two gaming related companies in Minnesota, my options were limited. However, I lucked out because my favorite video game magazine in the world (and one I have been reading for over 6 years) is based out of Minneapolis. Working for Game Informer has always been a dream of mine…and guess what…I START WORKING FOR GAME INFORMER ON MONDAY!

I went to the Game Career Center at GDC last week and had a few fantastic interviews for people looking for graphic and UI designers, but in the back of my head I wanted nothing more than to work for GI. I got a call today and I start on Monday. At the moment it looks like I will get to use both my major and minor by working for Game Informer Online out of the Minneapolis office! I will be doing some writing, a little bit of designing and other stuff as it comes up. I could not be more excited!

One uber nerdy thing is that I am stoked to have a desk. My brother got me a WTF? Coffee mug, Ninja Keyboard Dust Spray (complete with dust slaying nano-shurikens of doom) and a titanium spork as a graduation gift. I am excited to put them to use.

So yeah! That is what I am up to and I just wanted to share the great news with all of you! I can’t wait to work with the amazing guys over at GI and show them what I got! Also, since I now officially have the job, I want to share some of the design work I did for GI as part of the application process. I was asked to redesign both an opinion piece and the Half-Life 2 spread that they originally ran in the magazine! Let me know what you think!

Opinion Design

Half Life Spread 1

Half Life Spread 2

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