My Short Bio: I work for Game Informer Online by day, read comics at night, and parade around in costumes on the weekend. I also love Destructoid.

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And NO...It is not one of those with a membership fee...Get your mind out of the gutter...

I just wanted to share something quick with you all because I got a TON of help from you dtoiders when I first started working on this. Note to self: Don’t work on something when you are sleep deprived and cranky and then put it up for critique on a video game website. Actually, all the responses I got on my first - extremely crappy – design helped me to get to what I have today! So thanks for all the help telling me my first design sucked (even though you all were WAY nicer than that).

I just launched For right now, it is really only my graphic design portfolio. Later, I will be adding a cosplay and modeling section, and possibly a few other areas. This was my first attempt at designing a fully functional website, so it was a learning experience at its worst. I had a friend program things and there still may be a few kinks. Example: for some reason on the Opera browser, you have to click everything twice to use a link. If you come across any other problems, please let me know!

So my portfolio has my graphic design work, sculpture, drawings and even photography on it. You should be able to check out all the nerdy projects I did while in college. Please let me know what you think! I will be posting a much bigger blog soon about my senior ethics project, which IS video game related…LOL

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