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My Short Bio: I work for Game Informer Online by day, read comics at night, and parade around in costumes on the weekend. I also love Destructoid.

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I finished my last day of college yesterday. I now have a degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Journalism and Mass Communications. I can’t believe it. I am not sure when it will sink in. I still feel like it is any old Friday, and that I will wake up Monday morning ready to start another week of school. It is a strange feeling being done, but I was ready for it!

College has been one of the best experiences I have ever had, but I was most defiantly ready to finish and to move on to bigger and better things…primarily making money instead of only spending it…lol

So what’s next? I am applying for two local jobs in Minneapolis. That is it really. I decided I am going to be a job snob. I think I lied to myself for a long time about what I would be happy doing for a living. This last year I really discovered that I would never be happy with a job outside of the video game industry. Video games are in my blood; I don’t think I can shake them now. My goal is to either work writing or designing. If I work as a designer, my ultimate goal would be to work my way up the food chain and eventually be a creative director for a game title. The whole developing experience seems like nothing else in the world, even crunch time sounds exciting…for now…lol

If the two jobs in Minnesota don’t pan out, my hubby and I will most likely move out to California. It would be hard, but I have to be where the jobs are right? I has been both stressful and somewhat freeing knowing exactly what I want to do, and knowing that I won’t settle for anything less. It both limits myself, and gives me the strength to focus my passion on one goal.

So there is lots of stuff for me to catch up on. This semester has been the most difficult to date. With 18 credits, all in senior level classes, I was kept quite busy. There are some highlights from the semester that I have yet to blog about. One of my favorites was my senior ethics project, called Beyond the Hype. I created an interactive website encouraging viewers to look beyond media hype when it comes to video games. I will have that one up in the next few weeks, as soon as I get my hosting situation all figured out. I also finished my graphic design portfolio, branded the city of Tokyo, and completed one last sculpture. Sadly, it is not video game related, but it is still cool. I will have all of these items up in the next few weeks to share with you guys!

I can’t even explain how much Dtoid withdrawal I have been going through. I simply did not have enough time to get on the site for the last few weeks, but now I am back! One of the hardest parts was watching my dtoid ranking fall...I am down almost 50 spaces...sad panda! I need to read a ton of past articles, cblogs, and catch up on the forums! I missed you all! I hope you did not think I abandoned you guys! Trust me, you can’t get rid of me that easy! Its great to be back!

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