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Vincentlovescatherine avatar 9:34 AM on 04.28.2013  (server time)
Why call of duty is the worst game ever made

Now before you jump down my throat, I am aware that the Call of duty franchise is very popular, so this is just my opinion.

Year after year a new call of duty is made. With lack of time, the need to rush a game, how good can it possibly be? A real video game sequel takes two or more years to perfect. In order for a successful sequel to be installed into a video game franchise, more time and effort is needed, you can't simply release a sequel every single year and expect it to have no bugs, and great ratings.

The game itself lacks an in depth story. Most people don't even play the campaign mode, instead it's just a bunch of gamers playing online with their headsets. I'm sorry but that's not a real video game to me, a real video game is about story, gameplay, and good character development. I mean come on people, do you actually think call of duty is better than persona 4 golden, symphony of the night, uncharted, devil may cry, or even the resident evil franchise? Be honest, call of duty can't be that good of a game. Even after a new sequel to the call of duty franchise is released, gamers completely discard the previous installments and talk about how crappy the originals were.

I am a fan of FPS games, but this game does not appeal to my senses. Play MSG4 if you are looking for a real story, good graphics and smooth gameplay. And no I am not trying to sound arrogant, I am just giving examples of better games out there. What is so special about going around and shooting people with an AK-47? I guess that's what people look for in games.

It's amazing how much publicity and popularity the call of duty franchise gets in america. And now they're gonna make a modern warfare 4, great. They're gonna milk the franchise even more. People actually go to gamestop at midnight just to get this game, no video game franchise has ever done that, not even resident evil, MSG, or the RPG hit persona 4 golden. Now people are either gonna critisize the trailer once it's released, or put down black ops 2 and talk about how bad it was. Folks I have no desire to play call of duty franchise, I played it once, and I never played it again.

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