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Vincent Gaspar avatar 11:16 AM on 01.21.2013  (server time)
Top 5 castlevania games of all time

Castlevania has always been a hard hitting adventure. Back in 1986 Konami released for the NES platform, Castlevania. There was nothing like it when it first came out, an 8-bit terrifying adventure game that sold millions. To this day Castlevania is expanding more and more, but lets wind the clocks back a bit, because right now, I want to give you 5 of the greatest castlevania games of all time!

Number 5:

Castlevania 64

In 1999 Castlevania 64 was the first 3D expeirience the castlevania series ever reached. Stunning graphics for its time. Enchanting soundtracks, who could forget the lovely opening theme? An intriguing story, you are able to play as two different characters in the game, one is Reinhardt Schneider, second is a female protagonist, Carrie Fernandez. Awesome gameplay, challenging puzzles, and fun boss battles. This is also one of my favorite games for the Nintendo 64.

Number 4:

Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance

In 2002 Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance was released for the gba. I remember when my dad bought this home for me, I would spend hours playing this when I was on trips. I would just sit and listen to it's epic soundtrack, specifically the clocktower theme, it's so addictive! The protagonists of the game are Juste belmont, Maxim, and Lydie. The storyline is so intense and engaging that you want to see what happens next. The graphics are crisp, solid visuals, the limits were really pushed for the gba. Many of the boss battles are tough, but at the same time fun, so many puzzles, that is what makes a castlevania game.

Number 3:

Castlevania chronicles

In 2001, Konami released a remake of the original castlevania classic with all new features on the ps1. Simon belmont has a whole new look, red hair, badass outfit. New and improved gameplay. A remixed soundtrack that appeals to the senses. The backgrounds are much more clear, lots of detail. The game was combined with two modes, the original, and arrange mode, the only major difference is that in original mode you get the classic 8-bit simon with the original sounding music, and in arrange you get a makeover with a remake of the soundtrack. Both versions are great, which is simply why I had to put this one up, rather than just the original, since this is a new and improved version. This was a great game, and still is.

Number 2:

Super Castlevania IV

Super castlevania 4 is definitley one of the best, and most original games of all time! This is one of my favorite games for the snes console. The second you walk into the opening level, you hear the amazing soundtrack that is still worshipped to this day. The old school sound effects, the creepiness, the gameplay, sure the story is simple, but it's how it's done is what makes it such a great game. The levels are so elaborate, that sound you hears when you lash your whip. The are so many memorable things about this game. What is there not to like? I could beat this game day after day, and I did! And I still do. This game is a cult classic!

Numb-errr lemme stop right there for a sec. Because there a many great castlevania games out, that just didn't make it to my top 5, but maybe yours.

Castlevania Lords of shadow
Castlevania Circle of the moon
Castlevania Dracula x
Castlevania Rebirth
Castlevania Aria of sorrow
Castlevania Order of esclesia
Castlevania Portait of ruin
Castlevania 2 & 3
Castlevania Curse of Darkness

There are many great castlevania games out there, but none compare to this masterpiece that I am about to show you. Well, with that being said,

Number 1:

Castlevania Symphony of the Night

What makes Symphony of the Night the best of the series? Or one of the greatest games of all time? The ability to change weapons, the introduction to an rpg style castlevania game. One of the greatest stories every written, very similar to Harmony of Dissonance. We take a break from the belmont protagonist, as we look into the son of dracula, alucard. Alucard has a white hair, is a vampire who has come to put an end stop count dracula, death, and their minions in the name of his mother. Such perfect graphics! Fantastic voice overs, and a tense story. Richter belmont is under control by shaft. Maria who is Richter's sister in law is out there trying to search for him. You can literally do anything in this game, turn into a bat, wolf, mist, double jump. It's epic soundtrack is something all gamers gotta love, especially in orlox's level. Through the second half of the game, the castle gets flipped upside down. Symphony of the night is a game that should never be forgotten, and if they do make a movie out of castlevania, it should be based upon Symphony of the night.

So that concludes this list.

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