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Vigor avatar 2:37 PM on 02.20.2009  (server time)
Yakuza 3 demo impressions, and why we have to do something

Well I just downloaded and finished the Yakuza 3 demo last night. All I can say is wow; I have played through both of the other Yakuza’s in the series. This game was just amazing, not just the graphics as which you would expect. Just the little details they put in, like when you get in a fight in the street by a rival gangster. There is no more loading screen and you notice that the crowd in the background runs in a frenzy AWESOME! I also got to visit one of the escort bars, but understood nothing because I do not know any Japanese, but it seemed the same old way which is fine buy some drinks food and answer questions, which affects your dates mood. Now onto the fighting to me it’s the same with some new little upgrades. I can’t go into much observation because of it only being a demo. But I liked how they made that new I guess rage system better; where you tap R2, and added awesome knockout blows depending on what button you press. I also liked how the demo allowed you to use some weapons in your inventory. Got to use a bow staff, brass knuckles and of course nunchucks (which were my favorite). But the animation with the weapons was amazing. The game is just gorgeous and it just worries me that we will never see in the west. Or maybe Sega is just saying we have no news of a release in the U.S. and then two years later we will get it, like with Yakuza 2 which sucked just as bad. I know with the Yakuza games there are a lot of localizing issues do to the brand names in Japan like boss coffee and etc. But I’m just hoping that we get this and if Sega would stop churning out shitty sonic games, and stop spending there advertising on commercials of a werewolf kid. Things could be good in the world, and I also agree with everyone else that Yakuza 2 even though it took forever the Japanese language with the English subtitles was perfect.

So people if you have played the other two and loved them download the demo, and if you have not played the others try it and download the demo. And maybe Sega will take notice that the U.S. likes great games to. Not just sonic.

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