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Vigor avatar 8:25 PM on 07.16.2008  (server time)
Why are people dumb?

Ok i rarely blog, and you probably know why, because there just to epic to do everyday. But i just have to write about this. I really just dont understand why people are so suprised about this decision for ffxiii on the 360. Like people think Square-Enix are a messiah for Sony. There just a fucking company? they want to make money, why dont people understand this. It's logical and good for business, i would do it to if i was square-enix.

But im also just dumbfounded to these idiots that love their xbox so much, that they say shit like lol "OMG NUther Exclusive for Us eat it Sony WHoores". Like do you really not have that much of a life that it excites that your system got a game?. Does your system have a vagina in it that im missing to make you love it so?

I love the fact that the 360 is getting this game so that more people can play it. And also so more people can criticize it, so maybe square-enix can make some changes. Because FFXII was fucking terrible, or maybe not my cup of tea.

In closing, yes i am a sony fan not a fanboy. I had the 360 the elite edition when it first came out. I sold it a month later because i didnt really like any games for it, except dead rising really. Then i bought a ps3 a 60 gb for 600. and it went down to 500 6 days later. I just found that the online was lacking for xbox, but it is definitely better than the ps3's. But when you have a pc no console can compare on the online department.

So read it hate it or love it, Ask who the fuck are you? And have a pleasant night. Just thought i would give a little feedback on my thoughts.

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