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2:21 PM on 03.12.2010


Here I am to bring you the best, but not the strongest, Pokemon that have ever lived!! I present you, GARDEVOIR!!!

Gardevoir is a French Pokemon

Gardevoir it's by nature a fancy pokemon and no other can match this, why? Cause she is French!!!

Among all the aristocrats of old the french aristrocats were the best of all, that's a fact.

They were the richest, the fanciest, the most intelligent and so on...Actually, their lifestyle and existence was so rich and heavy to some insignificant people of France ( bastards childs of british sluts probably ) that they are now refered as the REASON of the FRENCH REVOLUTION...

French Pokemon are the best cause French Fancy people are the best

Gardevoir comes from a family of Classical Ballet Dancers

All dances are poor and souless just because they're not Ballet.
Ballet can express the true ART of dance and the true message of just how gorgeous the body can move.

Sometimes Ballet can transmit the soul of the dancer and the meaning of life through their movements. Gardevoir it's one of the most skilled Pokemon dancers that there is and the only one that express art and not...spasms...or giggles... ( fuck you Sudowodoo, you're not doing ART )

Gardevoir is smarter than you

At the Level of 3, Gardevoir was already able to TALK.
At the Level of 6, Gardevoir was only a small Ralts and could already confuse you with her bare mind.
At the Level of 11, Gardevoir could mae you believe she was on multiple places at the same time.
At the Level of 16, Gardevoir could TELEPORT itself from place to place ( ON YOU FACE PORTAL GUN!)
At the Level of 20, Gardevoir was a Professional Ballet Dancer, THE BEST BALLET DANCER!!!
At the Level of 30, Gardevoir was already a Noble and the gorgeous pokemon that ever lived!

Gardevoir wasn't ugly when she was young

Sorry Milotic, we all know about your plastic surgeries. Once a Feebas, always a Feebas!   read

7:08 PM on 02.15.2010

My expertise: Gaming in Rio

First of all, I would like to clarify some things about this theme and about myself: I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and only recently I have acquired my first current gen console, a Playstation 3, which by the way I don't own any game yet. Also, about this theme, I have no intention to speak in the name of no one other than myself and the subject I'll share here, about being a gamer in Rio, is shared through my perspective only. Please don't take it too seriously.

I started to write this article long before this month theme for the Monthly Musing series be announced, as a matter of fact I wanted to write about this since I entered Destructoid, about how it's ( to me ) to be a gamer in Rio de Janeiro. But because this's a theme so important to me, I delayed to write it and took my time thinking about what I would write, to avoid a bad approach on a theme that I may not understand very well.

Even though I'm sure that I still lack any deep understanding about this subject ( that's the reason for the bold text at the beginning ), I felt compelled to finally write about it after reading some of this month's theme Cblogs, cause it was during this reading that I realized what's MY area of expertise! Gaming in Rio de Janeiro.

But what's so special and unique about being a gamer in Rio? I mean, being a gamer it's already something special and depending from where you live, your gaming experience can be even more unique. If you're a US gamer you'll have to deal with a new Madden every year, in Europe there's the cool covers, in Australia the censorship, in Japan all that weird stuff, and in Brazil,'re fucked.

Being a gamer in Rio it's in my opinion, way harder than doing crazy combos in fighting games, delivering streaks in shooters, finishing Braid or any puzzle game in a speedrun, or doing a proper attack in any given RTS. Why? Well, to do all those cool things in games you first must be able to actually PLAY those games.

Let me tell you something simple about economy before we continue, I promise that it won't take long and everything it's crucial to you undertand the big picture;

In Brazil the currency is the Real (R$), and 1 USD = R$1,85 approximally. Everything ok so far? let's move on...So, if 1 USD is more or less equal to R$ 1,85, then a console priced at $299 ( the PS3 Slim for example ) would be approximally priced at R$554 in Brazil, right? Well, no...a console priced at $299 will end up priced at ludicrous R$ 1.399, and things don't get much different for the Wii or Xbox360 too.

The Xbox360, it's distributed here officially by Microsoft in two bundled packs, the Arcade at R$1.249 or the Elite at R$1.999, and the Nintendo Wii goes at R$ 999 in most of the cases. Let's also not forget about the games, where a title priced at $60 can easily end up being priced here at R$ 200 or more.

I may get my ass kicked in any fighting game, suck at shooters, a slug at puzzle games and probably the worst RTS player that ever existed, but I'm freaking good at finding ways to play the games I want.

If you don't want to pay those insane prices for playing video games or simply don't have the time for it, like me, you're probably going to need the same expertises that I have. It's nothing new for anyone, I bet many gamers outside of Brazil do the same things, but here it's more like a need than an alternative.

So without further ado, here's my expertise, the brazilian way of being a gamer, or in my case, the Carioca way of being a gamer.

Almost a smuggler.

Even though I never had the chance to travel outside the country, I have some friends that do it sometimes. When they do, I always ask then if they can buy some games and bring then for me, sometimes even consoles. My current Playstation 3 for example, it was brought from outside by one of those friends, since there's a tax free limit of 500 USD for electronics.

At the time of writing, one of my closest friends it's travelling outside the country in vacation. When I knew she was going, I quickly entered in contact with her and asked if she could bring me two games. Now there's a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV and Bioshock, bought at fair price, coming for me! There's also the sister of one of my friends that's currently doing a college study in the US, she'll only come back in May, but that's ok, there'll be some games coming back with her too, for both me and my friend.

This same friend, whose sister will bring the games for us, currently own a Nintendo Wii and a Playstation 3 Slim, none of which were bought in Brazil, including all the games that came along with it.

If you want to pay a fair price for video games you'll need to get in touch with your friends that can somehow bring something when they go outside the country. But talking about of getting in touch...

Meet other gamers!

I was walking to the market near my house another day and heard of something funny, hahaha. I heard someone talking about a "game community", hahahahahaha! I know! ridicously isn't ? I mean, I know there's more people like me that like video games, but to call that a commnunity? hahahahahaha, that's hilarious!!! We're just a bunch of nerds with an underground hobby that no one knows that exists HAHAHAHA! Games aren't profitable, they're just board games with funny lights. haha.

No, seriously! Imagine that! If such a thing like a gamHAHAHAHA, sorry, a gaaame commuuunity existed so probably those "gaaameeeers" would maybe borrow or trade games, or even...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OR EVENAHAHAHAHAHAH, SORRY, SORRY!!! BUT THIS ONE YOU NEED TO HEAR!!!

IMAGINE THAT IF PEOPLE ACTUALLY TRADED PRE-OWNED GAMES FOR MONEY!!! AHAHAHAHA FOR MONEY!!! HAHAHAHA OR EVEN BETTER!!! IF PEOPLE RENTED GAMES !!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH...ahaha...AHAHAH..AHAHAHAahahah... sorry, sorry... I know, I know, we all can dream, but you don't need to be silly, don't you? haha... selling pre owned games, hahaha...yeah, like if someone would make money out of that...hahaha!

Enough of the "Sterling's way of saying things", I think you already understanded what I meant by meeting other gamers. Everyone knows that there's other ways to play video games other than actually buying then...actually, talking about "alternative ways" to play video games other than paying for then...


Even though I've just presented you ways for playing the latest games, that don't include spending a freaking lot of money, piracy it's and will always be the most popular way of doing so, and in spite of the fact that piracy it's a bad thing for the industry, probably more than the pre-owned game market, no one care about that. People want to play games and people will always want to pay less than they should.

The consoles that sell better in here are the ones that can be hacked. Ask anyone which's the most popular console in Brazil and they'll tell you, it's the Playstation 2, and before it, the original Playstation. Why? Cause they can be easily hacked.
Among the current gen consoles, the Xbox360 and the Nintendo Wii are currently the most popular in here, for the same reasons! And I'm not even talking about the handhelds.

Pedro Franco wrote in an article for The Escapist, about piracy in games and other midias in Brazil, that the "Brazilian society has seen piracy not just as commonplace, but as the default way of buying a game", and you know what? It's true.

The video game industry it's an expensive midia, one that almost forces the average player to choose something like piracy. If you can manage to buy a console you soon will be facing the next gen, which means the console you currently own eventualy won't be able to run the games for this next gen. If you want to play the next gen games you'll have to buy another console, that may or may not include retro compatibility for the games of the last gen. Not to mention the exclusive games for each platform.

With the insane prices that brazilian gamers face and the natural low product life cycle, how can I blame the gamer that suport that kind of thing?

There's anything especial on the things I do, but when it come to games, there's anything I'm better than actually finding my way to play them. I may not suport piracy but gaming in Rio has a lot to do with it. The smuggler thing it's the one I prefeer most, since renting games for me it's kind of hollow. I like to own the games I play, have a library of them, like everyone else, but sometimes it's necessary.

Again, don't take the things I said too seriously, I'm just a gamer not an in-depth writer or analyst.

Well, that's it, thanks for reading ( sorry for the grammar issues ) and have a nice play.   read

8:03 PM on 02.09.2010

Trying to write something ( About Rio de Janeiro ).

So, right now I'm trying to write an article about how it's to be a gamer in Rio ( to me ), and so far things are going slow, so slow that I actually feel more confortable to make a post about a post I'm writing ( that's sad... ).

Well, nothing special to say about it right now, other than the freaking time it's taking to me write it. Also that's not something that only brazilians would understand. The theme itself it's to tell non-brazilians about my experiences here as a gamer.

Also if someone know a good place where I can find good gaming culture related images, please tell me, it's hard to find good images to use on posts. When it's a in-game pic it's easy, but gaming culture images are tricky to find...

Here's the head image of the post I'm writing. See ya.


6:37 PM on 01.28.2010

A gamer diary: Vigilante8 fails at blogging

So here I am, a gamer.

There's already a long time since I visited this site for the first time and discovered something incredible about being a gamer: That the other gamers like to talk about games in adition to playing then. What a joy!

But that's old news, actually, that's not even news, just a fact. And here I was, lurking on Dtoid, reading, laughing and sometimes commenting. Alaways wanting to actually make part of this little garden that I found on the back of my hobby, gamers taking their times to write about games, or things that have something to do with games...or...I don't know...other gamers...

I like minimalism, also games.

After a long time delaying my first try out, I finally did it! I picked one of the monthly musing themes and wrote the first thing I could imagine... it was almost random and not quite good, but it felt good after I realised that I was finally DOING something other than, well...lurking.

I looked to my very first blogg post and smiled...full of errors, full of empty spaces on a theme that I don't really understand... still smiling.

The "boss" thing is like in "the boss at the end of the dungeon", the aweseome character of the game that we all want to meet..

I don't really know how, but that very first try out, end up being published. There's no way I could write just how surprised ( and happy ) I was when I saw that thing on the front page. Again, what a joy!

After finally entering the community ( for real ) things were supposed to get better, but that's not what happened. That first post, the one that I was so proud, started to bug me every time I entered Dtoid. Alaways saing: "There's already one month since your first post...", "Two months now...", "Third in a row!!!"

I was again failing at blogging, oh noes!

Fail at being funny too...

So here I am, a gamer. Doing the one thing I could do (here) that's better than nothing. Writing about being a gamer. The kind of gamer that I am.

Well then...hello again Dtoid! Now I'm really here.

Played today: A freaking lot of Uncharted 2 multiplayer deathmatches and a little of Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Not playable but from a game: Grand Theft Auto 4 and Shadow Of The Colossus soundtrack. So good.   read

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