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Vigilante8 avatar 2:21 PM on 03.12.2010  (server time)

Here I am to bring you the best, but not the strongest, Pokemon that have ever lived!! I present you, GARDEVOIR!!!

Gardevoir is a French Pokemon

Gardevoir it's by nature a fancy pokemon and no other can match this, why? Cause she is French!!!

Among all the aristocrats of old the french aristrocats were the best of all, that's a fact.

They were the richest, the fanciest, the most intelligent and so on...Actually, their lifestyle and existence was so rich and heavy to some insignificant people of France ( bastards childs of british sluts probably ) that they are now refered as the REASON of the FRENCH REVOLUTION...

French Pokemon are the best cause French Fancy people are the best

Gardevoir comes from a family of Classical Ballet Dancers

All dances are poor and souless just because they're not Ballet.
Ballet can express the true ART of dance and the true message of just how gorgeous the body can move.

Sometimes Ballet can transmit the soul of the dancer and the meaning of life through their movements. Gardevoir it's one of the most skilled Pokemon dancers that there is and the only one that express art and not...spasms...or giggles... ( fuck you Sudowodoo, you're not doing ART )

Gardevoir is smarter than you

At the Level of 3, Gardevoir was already able to TALK.
At the Level of 6, Gardevoir was only a small Ralts and could already confuse you with her bare mind.
At the Level of 11, Gardevoir could mae you believe she was on multiple places at the same time.
At the Level of 16, Gardevoir could TELEPORT itself from place to place ( ON YOU FACE PORTAL GUN!)
At the Level of 20, Gardevoir was a Professional Ballet Dancer, THE BEST BALLET DANCER!!!
At the Level of 30, Gardevoir was already a Noble and the gorgeous pokemon that ever lived!

Gardevoir wasn't ugly when she was young

Sorry Milotic, we all know about your plastic surgeries. Once a Feebas, always a Feebas!

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