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Vigilant Defender's blog

8:28 AM on 10.04.2011

The Anti-Piracy Experiment

I have been an illegal downloader for some time and a fan of the PC gaming industry for even longer. Like most, it is all too easy to illegally download, with good intentions of purchasing later. Other times illegal downloade...   read

6:49 AM on 07.07.2011


"Phase one, Underpants. Phase two, erm... something. Phase three, Profit!" After playing the Duke Nukem Fovever Demo, I can see this phrase going global. Of course it originally came from SouthPark, where Gnomes are stealing...   read

8:06 AM on 06.07.2011

The Piracy Misconception of Multiplayer

Often the PC multiplayer is quoted as 100% safe, and that it cannot be pirated. This is normally followed by quoting some WOW stats on profitability, and then accusing developers for being stupid, for not jumping on the band ...   read

2:05 PM on 05.28.2011

The exciting sets my Heart Flickering!

It's been a while since I have written a new blog ... and that's a good thing. In the small break I reflected and realised a few things; one that previous blogs where too long. And two, droning on about the facts of piracy ca...   read

7:15 PM on 04.13.2011

Digital Pirates Will Pay!

I am not talking about walking the plank, or spending an eternity in Davy Jones's locker, I am not even referring to seafaring pirates! But I am talking about digital piracy, illegal downloading, and one of the hottest topics...   read

1:40 PM on 03.27.2011

Call of Duty: Black OPS Breaks even the Illegal Download record.

Following the much praised Modern Warfare 2, again the Call of Duty series has broken all records for the first day sales. After all the court cases, the feuds, and the tantrums that followed MF2 Treyarch has pulled this one ...   read

8:17 AM on 03.03.2011

How many days, is a PC Game, Crack free?

What would you think? (The number of days between the official release of a PC Game, to the day that someone is able to search, download, and play it illegally?) A quick explanation: Cracks are the game files that have been a...   read

4:55 AM on 02.18.2011

Is Piracy Growing?

The teacher stands before the class. “Children, today we are going to answer the question of piracy?” The little boys and girls, all beaded eyed and fixed on the teachers professional authority, are hanging on every word. “...   read

2:29 PM on 02.14.2011

What do torrents statistics, for PC Games, look like?

There is always that moment of “strange silence” in the cinema. You know when they tell you it’s illegal to use a camera or recording device. Making you feel like a criminal, you even glance around and wonder if anyone is doi...   read

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