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It seems like most of the games that come out these days are sequels . Sometimes they are more of the same , never adding anything new . Now , I don't have any problems with that model , but if you are going to make more of the same , make it better , polish it to perfection . And thats when most sequels fail , they make more of the same , but without any polish to it , just copying the original . Let's run through some examples

While the game is still good , it feels tired . Its almost insulting how the AC2 sequels just add one or two new weapons and calling that a new chapter . The whole game feels as old , as it's protagonist , once a fresh face of the new generation is now an ancient antique of times , not so long ago , but still forgotten in our minds .The metaphor suits AC:Revelations perfectly ! Well , maybe thats a bit mean . At least the game concluded the stories of it's two main protagonists , so we'll have to see new faces and stories in future instalments .

Now these two are fine examples of the worst , most half-hearted sequel school . They don't add anything , never improve on anything and don't even get what made the old parts great . Both the crazy fun of Ssaints 2 and the great action moments of COD4 were raped to the max , overused in some weird line of thought , that thats what made the originals great . Its like when you work a normal job and you go to the circus .It would be a great way make that event different from the other part of your life , but would it be so unique if you worked there every day ?

Maybe not the worst kind of sequel , but definitely the laziest .It's the same game as the old one . Mind you , a good game , but the same , so the variety is lost and everything stagnates .
Now , with all the nastiness being said , let's look at some good sequels

Now thats the magic formula ! Polish everything good about the original , then remove the bad things , and after that , add a bunch of new stuff and repaint the whole thing .The climbing was better , the combat was improved , the setting felt fresh . Now thats evolution ! AC3 is forming out to be on the same page , but it's still unknown .

Sometimes , its easier to come up with something new , rather than to fix something broken .The predecessors of these two are so unpopular , that many people don't even know about them . Only the name sticks , that way it's easier for the developers , companies are more willing to finance something old and proven (to some point) rather than to start a whole new and unfamiliar projects . And I'm alright with that , if something feels fresh and original , the what does it matter how its named ?

4:55 PM on 10.07.2012

Death. The most common thing in games .Live , ripped out of the body , the end of one's world . Also the unspoken blood in the veins of video games , the thing that gives them life and makes them art .
There's no other media that uses death as much as games , and thats why no other media evokes such strong emotions in it .
Let's start here . Why do we kill ? Most of the time is when he decide , that another man's life is less valuable than something else , be it our own life , treasure , ideals or even our own entertainment .This is the whole moral dilemma in games . When I mention the phrase "moral choice system " which game pops up in your mind ? The closest example would be The Walking Dead , that one made a big deal out of it , whenever I chose one thing over another , a sign appeared and reminded me that Guy A would never forget that I told him that I had ten wieners , when in fact I had eleven , and at the end , the game called me a tosser , while flashing some stupid stats . But thats just a gimmick , some pointless mechanic that is created just to add replay value .There are finer examples of this system , so subtle,that even the people who made the game never thought of them .And by that I mean game like Call Of Duty and Uncharted . In such games , the player constantly makes moral choices , taking the NPC's lives just to reach the final goal . You might say that their lives don't mean anything , that this is just a programed code that looks like life , but it really isn't , and you would be right , but I ask you - to what goal do their live program command gets destroyed ?Their artificial life is taken , just so the hero can have his equally artificial reward .Maybe to us , the prize becomes more important then their lives , so we take them to get to her .Maybe thats more like real conflict then we care to admit .While playing Spec Ops : The Line , I felt bad , even if the evil deeds I did only hurt the same artificial code . Its all too real in our souls .
Don't let that sadden you , though , the world has it's live and death , you have to live for the life .
At the end , we shouldn't wonder if our enemies deserve to die , but do we deserve to kill them ?

For some , one of the big problems in modern gaming is the portraying of female characters , that many consider to be sexist . For now , the biggest complain is Team Ninja's way of making female fighters in Dead or Alive (mostly teenage girls with skimpy clothes , tightly nailed to their nipples ) . The studio tried to make itself look like a protector of some tradition by stating that they stick to their way just for the sake of their fans , that apparently wanted even bigger breasts (if they respect the fans so much , then why didn't they sized up the tits ? ) .

However , we all know , that tits are not pointed at the people , who criticize them , the target audience has always been the pervy thirteen year old boy inside us , that just wants to see tits bounce . And why haven't we showed this to him ? We can gut a man and see his insides , but when it comes to the outsides of a woman , suddenly we get all take some imaginative moral high ground . Why are the developers and the audience afraid to go all the way ? If we could look at naked tits immediately , then whats the point at playing Team Ninja's half hearted games ? This might be a way to stop all these cheap tricks that make people buy this shit , again , what would be the point ? That way it would all become uninteresting to the awful , disgusting perverts that like this sort of stuff . You can criticize an action movie to be exploitative of women , but how can you blame a porn movie , when that the point ? When I play a fighting game , I want a fighting game , when I want to see tits , I don't want anything else .Its the same issue with game , attaching pointless action to themselves , and becoming bland and uninteresting .
So , AAA developers , don't put sex as a side thing , embrace it , get it in the spotlight