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Victoria Medina avatar 12:19 PM on 07.13.2011  (server time)
Who I is: A brief 'what's up' to the Dtoid community

Hello Cbloggers and Destructoid community! I've been meaning to properly introduce myself for a while now, and have finally remembered at a time when I could actually do so. I am one of the new interns (one of the new news interns, not the San Francisco interns. I don't live in the Bay Area, or California for that matter), though I was a community member before that.

Some of you may know me as Red Herring, which was my previous handle here on the Cblogs, but since I never really told all of you fine people about myself, I will take that opportunity now. I currently reside in Florida, the Orlando area, recently moved from Oklahoma but I am actually a New York native. I spent a good portion of my childhood moving around and besides my family, one of the few constants in my life was video games, which I have been playing since I was about four. My first console was a NES and my earliest memories are of trying to save the ever in-distress Princess Peach.

As I grew up, my taste in games changed and I started broadening my horizons. I spent a good part of the 90's investing time in games like Lunar: Silver Star Story (complete, thank you very much) and the Final Fantasy franchise as well as titles like Aladdin and the Lion King. I even spent some time with GoldenEye on the N64 (and loved it). Some of my favorite games include Lunar, Dragon Age: Origins, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Uncharted, Enslaved and Portal 1 and 2. I love many games of many genres though and those are only a few of the ones I have enjoyed the most.

While gaming takes up a huge part of my life, that is not all I enjoy. I am a huge fan of books and movies and spend time reading or watching a flick. LANs with my friends are also always a plus and I recently started playing table-top games like Call of Cthulhu and Magic. Sadly I moved before I got really familiar with either type of game, but still enjoyed the time spent learning and playing with buddies.

On the business side of my life, writing for gaming is a fairly new experience for me, but before I combined my love of games with my love of the written word, I spent years as a History major, doing research, writing papers and generally studying things that are no longer alive (dead people, dead cultures, dead religions, dead art styles). This is not my only gig however, and I do have some past experience outside Destrcutoid and the Cblogs.

Well I think that just about covers introductions, it's a pleasure to meet those of you I don't know, and say hello to those of you I may kind of know. If you've got questions I didn't cover here, feel free to ask, I may not answer right away, but it will eventually happen. Probably.

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