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Victor Barreiro Jr avatar 5:16 AM on 05.05.2010  (server time)
Getting Famous is a Matter of Persistence and Love

I was reading Elsa' Blog earlier and decided to write a tangentially related post to that, mostly because I used to get paid to write content for a video games website, and also because I know what it feels like to want to be noticed for your writings.

I find myself in a strange position though. I'm a regular reader of D-Toid and its community blogs, and I make quickblogs here whenever I find something that hasn't been posted yet. I also have my own little piece of home on Wordpress.

I'd have to say there are pros and cons to either being a Destructoid blogger or having your own blog out of Destructoid. For the most part, the big thing that connects both is about getting noticed, either by readers of the specific topics you bring up in your own blog, or the website you want to write for. To say that many people want a chance to shine is an understatement: getting famous on the internet for a specific topic and being paid to write about it is partly luck as well as skill.

Anyway, where was I? Oh right...

It's a reality that everyone wants money in one way or another, and to be paid to write about something you love is a rare opportunity. The question is, do you really love what you're doing, or are you in it primarily to make money?

At present, I'm writing on my own blog about various videogame and geekery related things that catch my mind, and I love each moment of doing so. I've been entrenched in a community of MMO bloggers on my Wordpress blog, and I love them all dearly. People comment on my articles, and I can safely say that I am happy with that aspect of my life at present.

I think, for anyone who wants to write professionally about video games, you have to love what you're doing on good days and bad. I now have friends who get paid for their writings on other websites, and I'm slowly making myself known to the MMO-blog reading public. There will be days when no one will comment, or you won't get a single hit, or people will troll you, but that's par for the course. It's doing it on a regular basis, establishing a name and reputation for yourself, and performing these write-ups over a period of years that will eventually get you noticed.

Of course, you also have to put your name out there, and I understand that you're trying to do so by posting your articles on one of the most awesome websites in the known gaming universe, however, there are other more effective ways of doing so (like Digg, or Reddit) than placing a link in a community blog and hoping for the best.

All in all, I believe getting famous on the internet is a matter of both persistence and love for your craft. Persistence will get you noticed, but love for the craft will keep you sane in case you don't get noticed as quickly as you want to be.

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