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11:59 PM on 11.05.2009 // Vice
My 360's Travel of Terror

So yeah, I sent my 360 in for repair about 9 days back. Being the habitual one minded monkey I am, I keep checking the Repair Status. Earlier today I was greeted with the comforting update of 'Repair in Progess'. All is right in the world! Man walks! Children Sleep! Dogs Eat! Capitalism works on a sometimes-basis!
Well, tonight I got off of my night shift at work and did my traditional peek, and what do we have here?

The Online Report smugly sits back in my face with 'Waiting for Console'.
I was forwarded a brand spanking new Service Request Number to boot via Email, as if I had never shipped it and requested an entirely new Repair Order at that.

Finally, I call support, and grab the first living person I can talk to.
He checks.
He comes back.
He's nervous.
He checks again.
Rep: "Sorry, I don't know what happened."
Me: "What."
Rep: "It's being repaired, you should receive it."
Me: "Should?"
Rep: "Yes."

And we're done.

May I cry yet, my fellows?

I stayed on the line yesterday with a second support rep, he assured me, double checked even, that my 360's being managed and they know where it is and where to ship it post repair. So, I guess I'll just wait now.

Kind of wish the first guy was so resolute in his answer, instead of giving me a 'should'.
Thanks nameless second guy!
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