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9:38 AM on 03.05.2010

Cave Story WiiWare Feature (edit)

Hey guys! You might remember me from awhile back when I gave you all a warm Dtoid valentines wish, posted some art here, etc. Calling my activity 'sporadic' is an understatement...but let's ignore that!
Because I said so!

As many of you know, Nicalis pulled off some hard work bringing Cave Story to WiiWare, and with the March 22nd release close at hand, they're showing off some behind the scenes artings from people all over the web. Including myself!

Take a gander at the interview and two works here. The works can be seen in full resolution on my page. And don't forget to check out the other artist's, they're damn fine.

EDIT: Thanks to Magnalon for the reminder to host the pics here!


11:59 PM on 11.05.2009

My 360's Travel of Terror

So yeah, I sent my 360 in for repair about 9 days back. Being the habitual one minded monkey I am, I keep checking the Repair Status. Earlier today I was greeted with the comforting update of 'Repair in Progess'. All is right in the world! Man walks! Children Sleep! Dogs Eat! Capitalism works on a sometimes-basis!
Well, tonight I got off of my night shift at work and did my traditional peek, and what do we have here?

The Online Report smugly sits back in my face with 'Waiting for Console'.
I was forwarded a brand spanking new Service Request Number to boot via Email, as if I had never shipped it and requested an entirely new Repair Order at that.

Finally, I call support, and grab the first living person I can talk to.
He checks.
He comes back.
He's nervous.
He checks again.
Rep: "Sorry, I don't know what happened."
Me: "What."
Rep: "It's being repaired, you should receive it."
Me: "Should?"
Rep: "Yes."

And we're done.

May I cry yet, my fellows?

I stayed on the line yesterday with a second support rep, he assured me, double checked even, that my 360's being managed and they know where it is and where to ship it post repair. So, I guess I'll just wait now.

Kind of wish the first guy was so resolute in his answer, instead of giving me a 'should'.
Thanks nameless second guy!   read

10:02 AM on 11.03.2009

Absence Breaker - Some Art

So much for me trying to stay active.
I guess I'll just dedicate myself to commentary, and somewhat-avoid the Blogging scene.
(always feels like I'm tooting my own horn, yeah?)

Here's some stuff I've done since I last posted.
(yes, I'm tooting my horn in these next few passages of text, hurhurhur)

Some fanart for Maximo V. Lorenzo.

He's a pretty well known guy, I mean, to those in the know and all that.
Nice chap to boot.
And his art's not half bad*.
*It's actually excellent, you should watch Maximo when you get a chance.

The second bit, which I'm not entirely fond of, is some quick fanart of Momohime/Jinkuro of Oboro Muramasa Youtoden fame.

It was part of a art trade.
I've of yet to receive the other end from Matt.
He's that guy who colored up that giant Smash Bros. collage that everyone digs.
(for good reason at that)

Finally, inbetween J.G. Thirwell's VB Score and a myriad of game music, I keep looping this:
Gahhhhhhhhh Sweets Detective!   read

9:23 PM on 05.13.2009

The Return, Part III

So...hey there. Been awhile Dtoid.
What' Not much? Good. Still keeping yourself healthy and vibrant in your youth, I see. Thatta' girl.
Well, I'm just about done with this semester of school.

I was hoping that my return to the community would be one accompanied with a piece I did for a development group, but it seems they're not quite ready to reveal their requested pieces just yet...
Oh well!

So as a backup, I made something to show instead.
Not as good as the company request, by a long shot, but hey, I know a bunch of you (including me) are hyped for HGSS :)
Here's to seeing if I can actually become a regular around here for once.

-I Like Shorts-

10:50 AM on 02.20.2009

SFIV Review Pocket with Vice - Bonus Blanka Sketch

I know Dtoid, nay, this entire series of tubes is busting at the seams with SFIV reviewsÖbut you know what? Screw it. Iím going to put my two cents in, even with the inflation of opinions reducing its value down to that of a flea. Itís happening.
I'll try to keep it short and sweet. I know big ones are exhaustive.

Title: Street Fighter IV
Console: Xbox 360
Controller: 360 Elite (Black) Controller
Setup: Basic Philips Television (Tube / Not HD Capable) & Stereo
Viceís Familiarity: Decent
Notes: I havenít played Online VS yet. I know I know! Itís crazy to hear that, but I donít have the money for a new Gold Subscription lately, haha. I already hurt my low funds by buying this gameÖ

To start off straight, this is my first owned Street Fighter title. The most experience Iíve ever had with the series would have been gained from playing it a few times at a miniature golf course on the outskirts of LA, at the local Hockey Rink and a few times at a friendís house. Despite this, Iím familiar with the moves, intensity, goofy style etc. I canít help but let it remind me of when I was a kid, and I honestly think thatís one of the strong points of SFIV. The gameís fighting system is disgustingly accurate to SFII, but feels completely fresh. The game feels refined, innovated, and yet still stuck in its old ways. And thatís not necessarily a bad thing. Because Capcom embraced the franchiseís style with open arms, even 10 years after the last title, is a testament to their dedication to the franchiseís fans and history.

The inclusion of new and cinematic Ultra Combos really helps break up the gameplay, providing a nice, new form of stress to the already hand cramping intensity that this game already is. For a guy who hasnít even owned Street Fighter before, all the moves are instantly accessible from what little I did remember, and it was a great Ďwelcome homeí type feeling when I first picked up the controller.

-The Highlights-
*Faithful to the Franchise: You cannot deny that this game is a gem in the series. It capitalizes on the strengths of the former titles, and still introduces enough innovation to warrant itself as a true sequel.
*Approachable / Layered Gameplay: Iíve never been a hardcore SF player, and still this title feels extremely welcoming (in my opinion) in comparison to the other installments. Fresh faced characters allow for newbies to join in on the fun with little effort, but returning World Warriors and a layered combat system allow vets to refine their technique like before.
*No Slow Down (On Local): An issue Iíve always seemed to have with the older titles was the constant slow down, even in arcade mode. I donít know if Iím the only one that experienced these bouts of infuriating lag, but I havenít hit slow down once (on local play), and itís extremely relieving.
*Amazing Artistic Direction: Many people blast the game for its unique visuals, but I find them astounding. Capcom has really hit a unique style, something no oneís done before. If you compare this game to any fighter, any game in general, thereís nothing that looks quite like it. Street Fighterís already known for its design approach and gameplay, but now it has a look thatís undeniably just thatÖStreet Fighter.
*Great Soundtrack: New and Old Scores saturate the title, providing not only a great backdrop to fights, but also a trainload of nostalgia. My favorite song? PVR, the music for the Overpass Day stage.

-The Lowlights-
*Seth: Yes yes, if youíve been reading all the reviews lately, the unanimous agreement is that Seth is a whore. Extremely unbalanced and a bitch to beat, Iíve also never been a fan of Emulation type bosses. The ones that take jigsaw examples of former fighters and apply their movesets to themselves? Itís a shame too, as Seth has a great design. Itís too bad the looks donít match the character.
*Anime Cutscenes: Ehhhhh, Iím going to be a bitch about this one. The cutscenes are nice, but when compared to the visual design in the rest of the game, it feels out of place and corny. I would have rather had in-game, in-engine based scenes. Thatís just me though.

-Buy it if youíve ever even liked Street Fighter at any point
-Rent it if you love fighters, but have never tried Street Fighter in the past

Oh right, and here you go guys, a little Blanka sketch I did in class while bored.
Slapped some colors on so you can tell who it is.

1:57 PM on 02.17.2009

Artacular Tuesday with Vice

Hey, you guys like art, right? Maybe. I know a few of you do, so I thought Iíd get this out of the way and post two of my most Ďrecentí game themed splurges. I donít do fanart too often, but when the mood strikes, Iíll definitely look into it for a distraction. I'm bored in my chair doing college work, in between yearning for Street Figher 4 to arrive tomorrow...
Ahem, now then ladies and Dtoiders, let us browse through this gallery of filthÖ

Starting with the eldest, as of November of the prior year, Two Thousand & EightÖ

Cave Story
One of this Gentís favorite interactive titles. I really cannot sit my seat idley in anticipation for the WiiWare Adaptation.

And now, a more recent Ďproductioní of vile and grotesque originsÖ

Castlevania X aka Rondo of Blood
Iím, personally, a SOTN guy, but from what Iíve played, I do enjoy this entry in the series (as most the other ones as well) thoroughly.

Now, if your eyes are still where they are well intended, hopefully in the confines of your cranium, you can peruse these examples and other misshapen Ďartí in their full glory at my DA page.
Now, it wasnít that painful, was it?

In the future, I'll probably start doing a little Art Featurette for artists I admire and think deserve attention.
All of which have some connection to Games of course ;)

Until next time!   read

2:19 PM on 02.13.2009

DTOID V Day Card

So here it is!

V Day's Tomorrow!
No, I wish V Day stood for 'Vice's Day' (Oh the things I could accomplish...) but unfortunately tomorrow's for you people with that sickness.
That ooey gooey, let me suck your face off, chestburster thing called love.
Enjoy it though, have a great time.
Treat your Lady, Man, or Ladyman like a respectable carbon being!
That means, you know, give'm chocolate.
And sex.
And preferably games, because shit, this is Destructoid and all.
We thrive off games! And sometimes air.
Well Happy Valentines DTOID Community! Make it memorable.   read

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