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8:39 PM on 02.18.2008

Fucking hilarious TF2 bit

Don't know if this has been posted by someone else, but watch the TF2 short after the main part of Zero Punctuation.   read

11:48 PM on 02.16.2008

Call of Duty 4

Damn, I love this game. It doesn't have the humor and "screw around factor" of TF2, but multiplayer is still a lot of fun. I recently converted to playing hardcore mode for a couple of reasons: one: my friends usually play hardcore, and two: if I ever join a competitive team, I'm pretty sure that matches are hardcore, so I wouldn't have to adjust my playing style.

As for singleplayer...short to medium, but the experiences and excitement definitely make up for its length.

Multiplayer classes tend to change around a bit, but not too much:

Skorpion/Golden Uzi/AK-74u, all with silencer and red camo/golden
Gold Desert Eagle
UAV Jammer
Dead Silence

M21/M40A3, normal scope, woodland camo
1911 with silencer
UAV Jammer
Dead Silence

M249 with grip and red camo
1911 with silencer
Stopping Power
Extreme Conditioning

G3 with ACOG/silencer, red camo
1911 with silencer
UAV Jammer
Dead Silence

M4 with silencer, red camo
1911 with silencer
UAV Jammer
Dead Silence   read

8:35 PM on 02.16.2008


I bought Audiosurf tonight after seeing all of the kids at my high school that have Steam playing it. It's a really fun game, and I love playing on levels fucking made out of music. I play as Mono. I tried some Iron Madness a friend sent me, and it's pretty crazy. Also: music from Jet Set Radio Future.   read

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