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About Vernon682one of us since 12:05 AM on 06.30.2012

Umm ok. I'm actually not new to destructoid. Have been browsing for about a year. I got into gaming when I saw my uncles girlfriends kid playin Mario kart double dash. It amazed me. And the first thing I asked for on Christmas was a gamecube. Metroid prime was quite confusing to say the least. The wii was my next conquest. But the few good titles include metroid prime 3, brawl, galaxy, and mario kart wii. I then got a ps2. A bad decision. Considering that within about 3 months or so I got my primary system. The playstation 3. My first game, HAWX. Got it about a few months before the ps3 came around. An excellent game.(not a flight sim.) I was very satisfied with the playstation for 3 or 4 years until 3 weeks ago, then the original next gen system made it to my homely home. The XBox 360. Although I wasn't as well prepared as I was with the ps3. Within a few days, my 2nd favorite fps made it to my 360. Halo 3. Starting a late transition to the 360. On the handhelds, my first device was the gameboy advance, don't remember much about it other than spiderman 3 was entertaining. The ds I think was next. With nintendogs being interesting enough. And my preferred handheld. The psp. Was next. Socom an dissidia being almost Xbox 1 like. And finally. The thing Im using to type this damned bio up. An apple iPod touch. Among the most versatile of gizmos. I have had one before this one. The first one busting up when the cheap aftermarket charger broke and loaged it it in the charger, rendering it useless. My current favorite game of all time is fallout 3. Seriously! Lasts months, looks decent enough, plays well and has an excellent atmosphere. I'm still regularly playing the game. Now you know what I was playing since I was 7. I can stop typing since my fingers are getting sore from holding the iPod by the charger. UPDATE: my plans to go to 360 have been halted by the alien feel of the xbox. PS3 will still be my go to console. this part was typed on a shitty pc.

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