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VenusInFurs avatar 11:12 AM on 04.03.2011  (server time)
When Bored In Class; Why Not Doodle

Every single class this semester seems to be boring Ė even my Beatles class, but when that happens, I doodle. I always love when friends show me their doodle (sounds sexual). My doodles seems to be of mix results, sometimes theyíre good, other times itís horrible. I find that when a person doodles it can show off their personality.

Most of my doodles were done during French, American History (lecture) class, and Statistics. I donít want to flood this thing with endless amount of pictures, so Iíve picked the best ones and left the others out for a future post.

Yoshi came out pretty good, but I don't like how my Mario level came out.

I love this! This toon Link doodle was done during my French class. I'm honestly surprised how well it came out.

I treid to do an 8-bit Mega-man, but failed, then tried to do an anime version of him, and failed again.

This "cool" guy is me! Yes, VenusInFurs believes Majora's Mask is better than Ocarina of Time.

There was some annoying hipster guy in my lecture class. Grrrr, I hate them. Him and his damn nerdy glasses. He doesn't even need glasses! He's just wearing it 'cause it's trendy. The only ones who can wear those nerdy glasses are Elvis Costello and Buddy Holly.

Hmm, I think I know why I'm not doing well in my classes. Ha!

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