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VenusInFurs avatar 12:16 AM on 05.03.2011  (server time)
P2 Press Start: She Was Only Sixteen

At that time I was only sixteen years old. My life then was already gloomy. I did not associate with anyone; I even avoided speaking, and kept to myself most of the time. I tried not to look at anyone in school and always considered myself rather odd. I had a couple of close friends in school, but not many. One of my close school friends, and fellow Dtoid member, wrote a blog a couple of months ago about his experience playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with his girlfriend. This Dtoid member is called, MyLittleHero, and he is the one who introduced me to this wonderful site. I met MyLittleHero my senior year in high school and by some grand coincidence we happen to be playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with our girlfriends. Our co-op experience is different than what most of you would think, but it is an experience that was shared and cherish by the both of us. Unfortunately for MyLittleHero, he never got to finish the game because his girlfriend broke up with him midway through Link’s adventure. Fortunately for me, my girlfriend had the decency to break up with me a year after we finished the game.

Co-op isn't always something that is played for competition, or with a controller. It’s an experience shared with another person. As most of you know, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a single-player game, so how was I suppose to do a co-op with my girlfriend? Well, my friends, I did, and let me explain to you how.

I guess I'll start my story with how I met my high school girlfriend. For the sake of privacy, protection, and respect I will call this girl, Prudence. One day Alex (an acquaintance) and I were walking to class when Prudence waved hi to him. She was dressed all in black, had dark hair with pink highlights, dark brown eyes, and purple nails. She quickly went up to me and introduced herself. “Hello, I’m Prudence, you’re my friend now” was the first thing that came out of her mouth when she saw me. I went along with it and laughed off the silliness of the comment. Our meeting lasted for about a minute until the bell rang. As usual I was late for class. I really didn’t give much thought to the girl until I saw her again the following week. Again, it was a repeat of what happen the previous time we met. We talked for a minute and said bye. It wasn’t until my friend asked me if I wanted to cut class and hang out with Prudence during her lunch period. I agreed and we met up in the cafeteria and talked. The following week we decided to do it again, but my friend failed to show up. It was just her and I alone in an empty cafeteria. Her lunch period was towards the end of the school day, so it seemed like we owned the entire place.

During this intimate moment alone we talked about games, music, art, books, etc. I learned that she wanted to be a comic book artist and she showed me some of her work. As soon as we were getting deep into a conversation the bell rang and it was time to go to class, but we couldn’t separate, we decided to talk by the back staircase; this is when I asked her if I can kiss her (an act I thought was too soon, but I felt a connection and thought to give it a try).To my surprise, she said yes, and we kissed for about three seconds until a security guard came. We ran down to the first floor and exit the school using the back door. I have never had an adventure like this before. Things have happen to me, events, incidents, anything a teenager goes through. But nothing can compare to the adventures I had with this girl. It isn’t a question of words; no, I am beginning to understand it more clearly now. There is something to which I clung more than all the rest – without completely understanding it at the time. It was love. Not glory, not money - I found love.

This, my fellow reader, is how we met. After that we became attached to the hip; we would spend so much time together that it annoyed many of our few friends. I lived two blocks away from our school, so I would pick her up every day. We would go eat pizza, or talk and spend hours at a Starbucks, or if we were lucky, successfully sneak into the theaters.

This is going to sound ridiculous, but Prudence and I had a “fuck” book. In this “fuck” book we wrote things we would like to do to each other.Throughout the day we would meet each other after class for a couple of minutes until that bell rang and would exchange the book. I would write her a message of any sexual fantasy I had/want into the book. Once the class was over, I would meet up with her, and give her the book; she would read it in class and write a response. Every now and then she would draw Nintendo characters in the “fuck” book: Kirby, Mario, Link, Donkey Kong all filled up the outlines of our dirty fantasies. I saw that she drew Link and asked her if she ever played Ocarina of Time. She said yes, but never finished the game; she stressed how she likes video games, but struggled to play anything that’s not a 2D platformer. To my surprise she still had the game, so I asked her if I can borrow it, she agreed and brought the game to school the next day.

Growing up I only had two Nintendo 64 games: Diddy Kong Racing and Super Smash Bros.. As most of you know, Nintendo 64 games were pretty expensive, and growing up poor; it really limited my use of the console.

One day, a rainstorm hit New York. I picked her up from school, like always, but had no money to go out to eat. I called my mother and asked if it was okay if I brought her home, she agreed and away we went.

Prudence was allowed in my room, but the door had to remain open. She saw Ocarina of Time lying on my bed and asked if I’ve played it yet. I said no, and quickly responded if she wanted to play it now. This is where the magic begins, my lovely reader. My school day would end an hour prior to hers. Every day she would come over my place after school and we would play Ocarina of Time. At first we struggled with the game, but John (MyLittleHero) suggested we use a guide from Gamefaqs. We both would sit on my bed, me with the controller, and her with the laptop. She would read a strategy guide from Gamefaqs out loud to me from the laptop if I was stuck, and helped out with the puzzles. We would spend a total of four hours a day playing the game. I would then walk her to the bus stop and the next day we would continue our journey with Link. There were days where I didn’t want to play, but she insisted to know what would happen next in this epic adventure Link was going through. She never laid her hands on the controller, but would always admire the graphics and story. She would act out most of the dialogue, and sometimes we would role-play. At times we would perform a small play in my room using the dialogue in the game. She would actually change her voice to act out the non-human characters. She would read the lines from any female character (obviously) and I would play the role of everything else. I was good at the combat, but she was excellent with the puzzles. We would bring our separate strength together for this game. Surprisingly, Ocarina of Time bought us closer. We would find ourselves talking about the plot, art style and controls in school, Starbucks and pretty much anywhere we were together. The graphics and music was something we admired and I even attempted to learn the theme song on guitar at one point. We would even have fights about how my play style was “sucky” and how I wasn’t following her directions well. We would argue if I couldn’t beat a boss, or solve a puzzle - one time I actually slam the controller to the floor, because she said I sucked at playing the game and I was preventing her from seeing the ending.

My dear reader, In some weird way we were playing the game cooperatively, not in the traditional sense, but her involvement and help was a big part of my enjoyment and completion of the game. I was great with the combat, and she was smart with the puzzles - a perfect match!

This, my lovely reader, is how I played and beat Ocarina of Time. This was a special time in my life. I found love and friendship with someone who had the same interests as me. To most other people we would be looked at as losers, but we were too immersed in this world of color, magic and mystery to care. We would talk about the game and couldn’t wait till school was over, so we can continue on this epic adventure Link was going through. It was one of those times in your life, one of those lovely times, dear reader, which can only happen when you are young. I, the solitary one, had been shunned by the whole world found a commonality with a person. I found love; temporary love, but understood what love was. Ocarina of Time has a special meaning for me. Not only is it a great game, but I’m reminded of some great times playing it with a close friend.

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